Discover These 5 Products Designed to Help You Correct Your Posture While Behind Your Work-Desk

It can be all too easy to not think about your posture while you are focusing on your work and looking at a computer screen but if you could see yourself at that point there is a fair chance that you might be hunched over your desk rather than upright.

A bad posture could easily contribute to some health problems over a period of time and it can leave you with a slumped appearance if you spend so many hours a week sitting at a desk.

Here is a look at some products that are designed to help correct your posture and do your spine a favor, amongst other things, by helping you to adopt a more healthy position while you do your work.

Stand to do your work

Conventional thinking has led us to believe that the only way to do your work on a computer is by sitting down at a desk, but a standing desk balance board successfully challenges that theory.

It seems that people are waking up to the idea that standing at a desk that has been specifically designed to let you do your work on your computer while being able to move around and stay upright is actually something that could be good for your wellbeing.

What makes the BASE+ Active Standing Desk Balance Board an attractive proposition is that it provides an added dimension to the trend for standing up to do your work by keeping your moving and giving you a workout while you tap away at your keyboard.

There are all sorts of different desk designs out there now such as adjustable height versions and conversion kits to transform your existing desk arrangement.

One of the key benefits attached to using a standing desk at work is that you can switch between standing and sitting postures with ease and this can help ease the physical stress that your body sometimes has to suffer when you are seated at a standard desk for many hours.

Use a monitor riser

Another way to improve your posture is to think about adjusting the height of your computer screen.

It seems that a large number of us tend to have the computer screen at a level that is too low and that means you are putting your neck under greater strain when you adapt your body to a position where you can see the screen properly.

A simple and effective solution to this problem would be to get an adjustable monitor stand.

The ideal height for viewing your screen is to have it positioned about two inches above your eye level so that you are looking up rather than down.

If you buy an adjustable riser it allows you to work out the best height for your screen based on how tall you are.

Reading your documents at the right height

Having your computer screen is a great idea and well worth doing, but you could still be causing yourself physical discomfort if you are reading a document that is on your desk and you are constantly looking up and down to transpose the details.

A simple solution to this issue would be to get a monitor mount document clip.

The clip will allow you to look at the screen and the document at eye-level without having to look down at regular intervals.

Repeated posture adjustments with a conventional desk setup where you are looking up and down can easily be avoided with this inexpensive and simple solution for keeping what you are working on at the right height.

Support to stop you slouching

Bad posture becomes a habit that can be difficult to break without a bit of help and an item that you might want to consider buying to assist you with developing a better posture is an adjustable posture corrector.

The shoulder and back brace fits discreetly underneath your clothes and if you buy one that is made from a lightweight material you probably won’t even know its there after a while of wearing it.

However, your spine will probably thank you for it and the support could prevent you from slouching and reduce the prospect of back and neck pain at the same time.

Look for a version that is fully adjustable so that you can find a setting that is comfortable for you and if you get one with adjustable shoulder straps it should be easy to make any adjustments necessary.

A cushion that could help relieve back pain and improve your posture

It is worth considering what you are doing to your body each time you sit down to work at your desk so that you can consider what action you can take to counteract any physical issues that you are potentially inflicting on your spine.

Lowering yourself down onto a seat causes the muscles that help keep your back upright to be flattened and this makes your pelvis tilt backwards.

This means that your body will develop a natural slouch at this point in order to try and relieve any pain you might feel as a result of this adopted posture.

If you use a product such as BackJoy cushion, for example, the design will look to tilt your pelvis and spine in an upward direction to instantly improve your posture and adjust your spine in a way that should help to reduce any pain that you might experience

It is a simple product that isn’t that expensive to buy and a posture-correcting cushion might help you to be more comfortable at work if the design has the desired effect on your posture.

As you can see, the range of products available that are designed to correct your posture is very varied and you may have to try different techniques to find one that works.

If you do manage to find something that improves your posture and allows you to work at your desk without slouching or feeling pain it will most likely feel like it was well worth the money.

Image by xxolgaxx from Pixabay

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