Creating A Job You Can Do Anywhere In The World

Living the good life these days is not about having the executive suite, it’s about having the most experiences possible and making the most of your life. That is the driving force behind the growing trend to digital nomadism – working in a job that can be done from anywhere in the world, to combine a love of travel with earning a decent income. Plenty of us dream about leading this type of lifestyle, but what holds a lot of us back is imagining what kind of career we could have that doesn’t tie us to a single location. A lot of these jobs require you to be self-sufficient and take the initiative, but the payback of global freedom is more than enough to entice you.

Start A Blog

How to start a blog is something a lot of people want to know – the idea of creating content on a subject that you love and getting paid for it seems amazing. But growing your blog to the point where you can make a proper living out of it is harder than it might seem. You need to find different sources of revenue for it, from creating paid downloads and e-books, to selling advertising space or affiliate links, sharing promoted posts and building up your number of followers and your engagement level on social media. This all takes time, but once you’re established you can also run social promotion work for other bloggers as well, or create graphics for things like media kits and website banners to sell to them. You could also look at working with an SEO Company to create articles for link-building and place them onto your own site or outsource them to others.

Become A VA

VAs, or Virtual Assistants, are becoming a huge force in the digital world. There are a range of roles available for different skills and talents, involving everything from transcribing interviews and producing reports to booking travel arrangements and dealing with media requests. All you really need is to be well organised and a quick typist with good attention to detail.

Go Into Events Producing

Another field which lends itself to remote working is the role of events producer. Handling all aspects of putting on large gatherings such as booking venues, hiring entertainment, promoting your event, getting sponsorship, issuing invitations and remote managing delegate lists, for a can-do person this could be the ideal opportunity.

The Right Side Of The Law

If you have a legal background, working remotely becomes a real possibility. Providing legal counsel on issues such as conveyancing or copyright law can be done over the web, as can mitigating risk or appealing verdicts. Operating a virtual legal clinic on a variety of issues gives you the freedom to practice via correspondence rather than coming into an office. You may not be able to handle every single aspect of practicing law, but certain elements as a specific service will be possible.

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