What Could Boost Office Morale?

Employees are not predictable, they go through various moods and changes all the time. They’re human after all and since they do not have a consistent attitude in the office, it’s up to you as their leader to try and nudge them in a direction. Think about what the office is to the average employee. It’s their known surroundings for at least 8 hours out of the day. That means they’re going to be stuck in one place for half of the waking day and two thirds overall. Your environment doesn’t always shape you, but it can have an effect on your attitude day by day. Bosses of all kinds try to think of new ways of how they could possibly pull out more enthusiasm from their workers. The net results would mean more productivity, more creativity, a better understanding of their roles and industry as well as net profits rising for the company. It’s quite easy actually, start with the office?

A nice place to sit

The old saying of cleanliness is next to godliness is still valid in this day and age. Giving employees a nice office to walk into every morning is certainly going to make them more pleased. If you don’t think this would be that effective, consider what a dirty office would do to their morale? They would think twice about their role within the company if there was dust and litter all over their desks, chairs and office floor. To get a thorough once-over, contact a professional place of work cleaning company such as Orca Cleaning which has services pointed towards business owners. It’s vital to take care when cleaning around wires and monitors as this is where the fragile bits of hardware are. Letting experts handle it and every once in a while going over the entire office would greatly benefit your employees.

Zoning and banners

One of the most effective ways to stir up internal competition is to create a distinct culture for each department. For example, one part of the office might be for the marketing team and the neighboring area is where all your design team sits and works. You can create an invisible border between the two by having mascots, color schemes and different banners around their separate spaces. Maybe for the design team they could have a futuristic robotic monkey as the mascot on their computers or ceiling posts. Cut the design out or have it made into a giant sticker. The marketing team could have a color scheme that’s different to everyone else such as wearing blue ties and blue skirts, or perhaps the office chairs and sofas being blue or some opposing color to the rest of the office. The more you zone your departments the more they get to breathe and create their own culture. This can only lead to a sense of pride in their skills and what they bring to the business table.

Office morale is something that every great business leader is continuously checking in on. They want to make sure that the place of work is a place of familiarity for workers too.


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