Does Working Harder Now Equate to Living Easier Later?

Where do you see yourself in about five years? Some people would say they seem themselves working the same job, others will say they’ve moved on, but where do you think your financial situation is going to be? Do you think you’re going to be living on the same salary, do you expect to have a promotion sometime soon or do you believe that you’ll have a side business idea in the works? When it comes to making decisions now for the future, there’s quite a lot of factors to consider.

How often do you spend working in a single week, and is it really contributing to a more comfortable future?

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Life is all about investments. Whether it’s investing in your future by studying hard or pouring money into taking care of our children so they can grow up living comfortable lives, everyone thinks about investments because we believe that if we put in effort and resources now, it will pay off in the future.

At least, that’s what we’re taught to believe. The reality is that working hard now doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be more comfortable in the future, and we’re going to be explaining a couple of reasons why you should be careful with any investment that you make and how you can actually prepare yourself for an easier life without being too hard on yourself.

Investments Can Fail

Let’s face it, investments can fail. We’ve all heard the stories of university graduates being unable to find a job. Articles like this one from are helpful, but we ultimately can’t use them as reliable ways to find jobs. Let’s face it; not everyone’s degree matters and sometimes it’s who you know and not what you know that will help you find a job. The sad fact is that your investments can become huge wastes of time and money, which completely destroys any kind of truth to the “work hard now, rest easy later” style of living. Working hard doesn’t equate to less effort required in the future, and the entire university situation is proof of this.

Making the Right Decisions Instead

Instead of blindly working and hoping things will work out, it’s time to be smarter with your decisions. One smart decision is paying off your debts and mortgage as soon as possible. With the help of services such as, it’s easier than you think to work towards financial freedom. Being able to secure multiple sources of income is much better than putting all of your eggs in one basket. You can do this by thinking about several side businesses and working more efficiently rather than working more hours in general. If you’re able to secure three different sources of income, then it’s much smarter than just having one large source of income because there’s always the possibility of losing your job and thus your income.

To conclude, working harder now doesn’t mean you’re going to be safe with your future. Working hard in the present will only make the future easier if you’re making smarter decisions.

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