What Is It That Really Makes People Click Onto Your Website?

When you are looking to expand your business, it’s vital that you get enough customers coming to you. This is why now, in the digital age, that traffic is such an essential commodity. A few clicks can mean the difference between your business barely staying afloat, and being financially comfortable. So you need that fundamental thing that makes people click on to your website. But what is it really makes people click onto your website? Let’s provide you with some answers.

A Good Reputation

Naturally, a good reputation is going to work for you no end. But, how can you get this reputation? It’s about getting yourself out there and getting others to make a positive referral to you. Guest blogging is a perfect way to help increase your web traffic. By having someone publish a guest blog on your website, they can share it with their audience, which is great if they’ve got a large one! Alternatively, you can be a guest blogger on someone else’s website, meaning you are returning the favor. If you are publishing on a blog where their audience is relevant to your business, this will help to catapult you further into the stratosphere.

SEO Tactics

You can find infinite SEO tactics online, but lots of businesses choose to go down the paid advertising agency route, so you don’t need to worry about keeping ahead of the curve as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned. The goal is about getting your website as far up the rankings as possible, and there are many different hacks for this, such as targeting the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords give you a better chance of a higher ranking. For example, instead of a generic search term like “health business” if you go for a longer term, such as “health business for common ailments” it is a more specific search term and will help improve your rankings. SEO is an incredibly detailed subject, and if you have the time, making sure that your content is optimized for SEO is definitely worth it.

Give Away Something For Free

At the end of the day, we need to entice people in. We’ve seen stores offer free samples of the latest washing detergent and the like, so how can you do this online? Well, embrace email marketing, and offering a free sample, from an eBook to a small offering of your products delivered through the mail for free, is going to attract more people. We all want something for free, without putting any effort in. This is where email marketing comes in handy, as many businesses offer a free product purely exchange for a customer signing up to a company’s email newsletter. It doesn’t have to be an amazing sample, but if you can offer something that is clearly of value, then this will also attract the attention of more customers. It will show them that you care a little bit more and are offering something more substantial than a cheap sample.

Remember, it’s all about that need. You need your customers to need your products, and this is where comprehensive marketing techniques and ploys come into play, but follow these three simple approaches, and you will have a flying start.

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