Major Concerns for Taking Your Business Abroad

There will come a time for some business owners when they decide that it’s time to take their business abroad. For some companies, this can be fairly easy to do, through selling their products or services online. However, other companies want to explore getting more settled into another country so that they can create a more solid presence there. Going global with your business requires you to think about some major concerns that could affect your success. It takes some careful strategizing to come up with a solid plan that will help you achieve an international presence.

Translating Your Brand

One of the first things you might think about is how your brand is going to translate in another country. It’s not just language issues you need to consider, but different cultures too. The message if your brand and even its name might not work as they currently are in different countries. To avoid causing any offense or just confusing people, you should make sure you research whichever country you want to set up in. You need to find out about the local market and how you can overcome language and cultural barriers. You might need to combine local customer service and translation services to get everything right.


Country-specific Issues

Every country has its own issues that will affect the economy and other factors that can influence your success there. Some countries are more volatile politically, for example, requiring a political risk consulting service to help you navigate the business landscape. Even the countries that are more stable will have certain key issues you should be aware of so that your brand doesn’t cause any accidental offense or get completely the wrong tone when advertising. This can include events in the past that affect the cultural makeup of today or more recent matters.

Paperwork and Taxes

You’re always going to need to make sure you’re paying the right taxes when you move your business into another country. What do you need to be paying there, and do you need to pay anything back home on profits made in another country too? Of course, before you start paying taxes, you usually need to set up your business as an official enterprise so that the local authority knows that you’re there. You might also need to deal with things like compliance issues. What standards do your products or services need to meet in order to be legal to sell?

The Logistics of Selling Your Product

When you decide to expand your business overseas, you need to consider just how to deliver your products or services. If you sell a physical product, will you be creating an export strategy to send your products where they need to be? Or will you find a local manufacturer to create your products closer to where you want to sell them? Will doing this mean that there could be differences in quality for your product in different countries? Then, of course, there’s the issue of finding places to sell your product.

Going global with your business is definitely not easy. If you want to do it, you’ll need to make sure you cover all the important issues.

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