Getting Your Business Workplace Into The Christmas Spirit

December is finally upon us, and while it can be by tradition a month where business slows down, you still need your business to perform and work. So a great tip is to embrace the christmas period. This keeps your employees happy that the spirit of Christmas is alive at work, and should still enable you to keep those productivity levels stable. However, how do you inject the Christmas spirit into your workplace? I thought I would share with you some tips.

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Getting the office to look festive

One of the first areas to consider would be to try and make your office look more festive. You could put up a Christmas tree, maybe get some twinkly lights around the windows or on display in the office, or just add a bit of tinsel and festive cheer. If you want to take the whole lights and decorations seriously, then make it easier by wiring up the lights to Rocker switches to ensure they get switched on and off easily to avoid any problems in the workplace or at night. Having some decorations in the office can really help to keep the Christmas spirit alive, and keep your staff smiling and happy.

Organising a Christmas party

December is the ideal time to allow your work colleagues and employees to relax and bond with one another and a great way to do that is to organise a Christmas party. You could hold it in the office after the working day, or you could book somewhere specific. Maybe a restaurant for a nice Christmas dinner, or getting a little competitive at a go karting center or paint balling. Getting your employees involved could be a great way to keep up the morale.

Having a Christmas jumper day

In recent years the rise of the Christmas jumper has grown in popularity, even enabling schools and workplaces to having a jumper day for charity. So why not organise one in your place of work? It’s another way to ensure that you are keeping the spirit of christmas alive in work, while allowing your work friends and colleagues to feel like they are doing some good at the same time. You could even keep things competitive by allowing a competition for the best and worst christmas jumper. Keeping spirits high is a great way to ensure that productivity stays high.

Enabling more flexible working in December

Finally, you could choose to allow more flexible working options in December. It can be a very stressful month for everyone. The pressure of buying presents, getting organised for the big day, and often, there isn’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. Allowing flexibility on booking holidays, or enabling your staff to work more flexibility could help them to feel less stressed. As long as the work is getting done, you still have a productive work force, without the anxiety that comes with Christmas.

I hope these tips help you to get your workplace in the Christmas spirit this December.

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