The Forgotten Side Of Managing Employee Health

Most managers, when they think of health issues can’t see beyond the mandatory health and safety regulations. While there is no denying that without H&S rules, a company is doomed to failure, it would be foolish to assume that it is enough to keep your employees healthy in the workplace environment. In reality, your employees are the primary asset of a company. Consequently, it is a natural behavior to assume that their health issues are directly linked to the health of your business. Let’s ignore the cases of flu and cold and focus on the lessons that modern managers can learn from inspiring leaders when it comes to managing the health of the team. Physical health is naturally easy to measure. But mental health tends to be rapidly ignored, which leads to a significant but yet difficult to explain the impact on the overall productivity and team spirit.

Creating a comfortable thinking environment

When the news is filled with pollution peaks in urban environments, it can seem odd to imagine that the air in your workplace is also polluted. This indoor air pollution is not linked to car emissions, but it is directly connected to the lack of air circulation in buildings. As a result, you can’t consider that your office is a healthy environment for work if you haven’t provided for a regular circulation using plate axial fans for the best extraction in industrial and commerce sites. Additionally, the presence of plants in offices can help to purify indoor air by removing airborne toxins. The presence of these invisible toxins can cause headaches, concentration troubles, and nausea for those who work in an office, without mentioning symptoms of depression and irritation.

Maintaining healthy management relationships

Surprisingly the way in which you manage the relationships with your employees can have a dramatic impact on the health of your business. It’s essential to accept the inevitability of the sick days: People get sick, and they need to have time off work as a result. It’s about caring for your employees, firstly because their health is linked to your productivity, but also because nobody should be made to feel guilty for missing a day at work. Keeping an eye on how your team feels means that you can help them to care for themselves and that you can have their back when they need you.

Avoid toxic management and relationship

Finally, a last word on managing a team, in health or not, needs to focus on developing a fair and human relationship with the people in your business. Toxic bosses, whether they are aware of their behavior or reacting to a professional or mental unease, are dangerous for the overall mental in the business. Don’t be a boss who makes the team feel uncomfortable or who micromanages their every task. Bringing toxic behaviors in the workplace can have a significant and destructive influence on your team’s self-worth and self-confidence. Managing through fear or humiliation only leads to failure.

In short, putting health at the core of your management focus is not only a matter of H&S regulations. It’s about caring for others, as sincerely as you can.

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