Five Ways to Make this Summer a Memorable One

little-girls-walking-773024_640Think back to the summers you had as a kid – they went on forever and every day was filled with possibilities, fun, a bit of boredom too maybe, and lots and lots of sun.

Now, as an adult, you don’t have your mum calling you in from the park any more, which you always dreamed of, but you do have work the next morning, bills to pay, cars to be serviced, kids to take to the dentist…

Even your days off are filed with duties – defrosting the fridge, clearing out the garage – whatever happened to just throwing caution to the wind and getting up in the morning determined to enjoy the day?

Here’s some great ideas to help you recapture that summer feeling

Look at your hometown through tourist eyes

When you’ve lived somewhere for ages, you take it for granted, so try to see it anew. What are the attractions in your town or city? Museums, a waterpark, or a famous deli? Does it have a good network of bike trails, or even a pick-your-own farm? If so, what’s stopping you taking a day off, either during the week or at the weekend and filling your boots?

Plan your spontaneous fun

OK, this is a contradiction, but you’re an adult now, so you have to be a bit more realistic. Find a community calendar – there’s bound to be some fairs, or farmers’ markets, or nature walks – whatever floats your boat, pencil it in your diary and do it.

Alternatively, you could round up your best chums and have a cocktail night, or head to a pub with a nice friendly garden. Remember, though, while being an adult means you can play out for longer, you should drink responsibly so you don’t end up pencilling in an appointment with a drink drive solicitor company.

Get back to basics

What did summer mean to you? Playing catch in the park, climbing trees, chucking water bombs, or chalking pavements? Get back in touch with your old self, drag the kids away from the TV and have some good old fashioned fun.

You could get the neighbours round for an impromptu summer camp night – marshmallows, pup tents, bushcrafts…use your imagination.

Use your back garden

Many people’s backyards are neglected, but long summer nights mean you can rediscover it. Have a picnic among some jar lanterns, or even pitch a tent and build a barbecue from bricks. You can even give the kitchen a rest and make your breakfast over it!

Outdoor swimming

A good summer is all about the water! In the UK, cool or cold water has about a month every year when it’s not reviled, so make the most of it! Head to a lake, a river or just turn on the sprinkler in your garden and splash. Alternatively, go to a waterpark and dive in after the kids. Let yourself go!

If you have any great ideas for making the most of the summer, share them with us; we’ll save you a marshmallow

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