How to Attract Audience Attention to Your Exhibition Stand


Every exhibition you go to will be full of prospective clients and customers, so it’s vital that you grab their attention. If you stick with the standard table covering and backdrop no one is going to be drawn to your display – and that is going to result in lost opportunity.

You attend these exhibitions for one reason: to get noticed. So how do you grab the attention of prospective clients and customers? By creating an exhibition stand that no-one can simply pass by. It’s time to get creative- in order to get noticed.

Getting Noticed

Attending an exhibition is a big commitment in both your time and your company’s money. Make every minute count by offering a unique display that audiences can’t resist. Make sure it is eye-catching, lively and entertaining. This can all be accomplished by integrating these into your overall display:

  • A unique shape or design to your display.  Set yourself (and your business) apart by creating a unique booth footprint.  This can be done by simply angling, or offsetting your displays so it appears different than the rest; offering bold signage and banners, or highlighting specialty models of your products.
  • Give away great promotional items. A well-known trick to lure people over to your stand is to give them a freebie, and why not? Give them a small practical branded gift to take home and you will have not only attracted them over, but also made your brand memorable after the event.
  • Play fun and exciting games that are relevant to your brand.  Break the boredom of an event by setting up interesting games to play. No matter what business service or products you are trying to sell, think of a fun and interactive game that will make people stop and check it out – especially if it’s part of a competition.
  • Show off your products or service. There’s no better way of stopping your customers from walking right past you than a live demo. They give you a chance to show off your products while also engaging with your customers- win, win!

Try something a bit different

Leave the traditional boring approach to booth design to other vendors.  Create a theme that compliments your business or products to attract attention. Make sure your theme is branded but also intriguing to passers-by, ensuring they will want to stop and have a look. You could invite your visitors over by using lighting on your stand. According to industry experts lighting can increase awareness to your stand by 30-50%, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

Utilise a Variety of Display Stands and Graphics Boards

Banner stands and graphics boards come in all kinds of shapes, styles, sizes, and offerings these days. Printed graphics, shell scheme graphics and outdoor displays are just some ways to boost your booth presence and pull in prospects.  Don’t shy away from spending extra money on display equipment, online retailers such as Marler Haley offer a wide range of different products to fit your brand and budget.

Being able to attract an audience to your exhibition stand is the key part to any event, because without visitors – what was the point? Make your brand known, bring in custom and start making connections.

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