Improving Your Business Customer Experience

When you are a business owner, no matter the size of the business, one of your main focuses needs to be customer service. After all, having customers is what is going to make your business work, help it to grow, and keep the money rolling in. And when your potential customers turn to customers, you will want to make sure that they have the best experience possible so that they can become loyal customers. It is something to continually strive to do.

For many, customer service and the customer experience that they have are seemingly interchangeable. However, one aspect of it is just the first experience with a brand or business; the other is something that impacts feelings and has some emotion, and that is what encompasses the whole customer journey. The customer experience is something that impacts all aspects of your business, from the an online sale to the final product being delivered, for instance. If you booked a holiday with a travel agent, for example, and the booking was simple and the sales clerk was helpful and polite, then that is all about having good customer experience. But if that then went on to have the tickets arrive early or you get something extra like an upgrade, then that is a good customer experience, which is what people will remember and will share and tell others about. So having a focus of improving the customer experience for others is really important.

So how can you make sure that you’re upping your game and improving the whole customer experience for your customers? Here are just a few examples to help you to create a really great customer experience strategy that will help to improve things for your business.

Have a Clear Customer Experience Vision

One of the first steps in the customer experience strategy that you have, is to have a customer-focused vision that is clear, and that you can clearly share with others in your team, if you work with colleagues. One of the easiest things that you can do to define the vision that you have, is to create a some statements that will help you to put plans in place, as they can been as a set of principles to guide you. Once you have these things in place, and you have a clear idea about the principles that you want to have for your business, then it will help to drive the business, as well as how you, and any colleagues, approach things. If you have a team of people working for you, then they need to know these principles and they should be part of new starter training, as well as refresher training, so that you show the importance of them, and they will become a natural focus for you all.

Understand Your Customers

The next thing to be thinking about when it comes to the customer experience and the principles your business has around that, then you can more easily bring to life the kinds of customer that you are likely to have, and who you as a business will encounter. If you really want to understand the needs and wants of your customers, then you will need to be able to connect with them, understand them, and be able to empathise with them. So one way to do just this is to create personas for your customers, for example, and give them all a personality and a name, so you can get your head around what your customers are after. For instance, you could have an ideal customer for your business that is a woman called Claire, who is aged 30; she likes to keep up to date with technology, is pretty tech savvy, and likes to have fun in life, whereas a customer called Peter, for example, that is a little older at 50 years old, needs a little more help with tech things, such as a clear and simple to use website. Your business or products are still things that both would use, but you need to think about the hows and whys, you make sure that your business is suitable for all of your customers. The personas can also be a good way for any of you in the business that will work in customer support, to recognise the issues that are coming up; are most complaints coming from a Peter, for example? If so, then a better designed website could be what you need to be doing.

Use a quality framework to develop

The steps above will help you to know what your customers think about quality of your business or service, especially compared to customer experience principles that you have defined. The next step needs to be being able to identify the needs for all of the staff members that you have, especially if you have a specific customer support team or people in charge of that. This could be done through checking the quality of the phone calls that they are having, as well as checking the email communications too. It is a good idea to have a quality framework that will help to take the assessment one step further, and this can be done by scheduling and tracking the development of the team, through some coaching or group training.

You can look at specific areas too; for example, the supply chain or the warehouse. How efficient are these teams at getting things out on time and meeting orders in the right way? If you are often getting complaints about people being sent the wrong thing or the item is the wrong colour, then it could be time to ask yourself how to increase warehouse efficiency to improve this area of the business. The customer support team can be trained to deal with the complaints in the best way, to improve the customer journey, but there may be some training that needs to happen to make sure that these things don’t even happen in the first place.

Customer expectations are high, and that is never more true than with customer’s word of mouth; news can travel fast. The customer experience is an area for all businesses that needs to be looked at constantly, with a great focus on customer experience strategy. Then you will be able to see the positive impact that it can bring to your business.

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4 Simple Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out At A Trade Show

Trade shows are a great way to market your business and find a lot of new customers, as well as new business contacts, in one single day. If you do it right, it’s definitely worth attending these shows as often as you can. However, there are going to be so many businesses there with their own stalls so it’s important that you do something to make yourself stand out. The potential customers don’t have time to get around to everybody so if your stand is boring and doesn’t really catch their attention, you’re likely to get skipped out. If you’re attending a trade show soon, these are some of the best ways that you can make yourself stand out.

Connect With People Before The Event

If you can build up a bit of hype before the event, people will seek you out when they get there. The easiest way to do this is to push your business on social media. Send out reminders about the event in the weeks leading up to it and think of incentives that will get people to your stall. For example, you could get people to vote on the free stuff that they want you to hand out, or hold a contest and advertize it on social media. That way, people will have you in mind when they get there and they’ll come straight to you before they go anywhere else.

Ditch The Boring Banner

Most businesses are going to have a boring banner with their name and company logo above their stand. If you do the same, you’ll just blend into the crowd and you won’t catch anybody’s eye. That’s why you need to ditch the banner and go for something more exciting. You can buy inflatable planets online and have them custom printed with your company logo. Hanging a giant planet earth with your logo above the stand is likely to get some interest. You should also look into things like 3D cardboard display towers that you can put around the stall instead of plain and boring signs. The more interesting your stall looks, the more interest you’ll get.

Create The Longest Line

If you have a big long line of people waiting at your stall, people are going to be interested and they’ll come over to see what the fuss is all about. The best way to do this is to give away something good that nobody else is offering. If every other stall is handing out pens and mouse mats and you’re giving away a great t-shirt, for example, you’ll quickly build up a big line.

Design A Great Brochure

People pick up a lot of stuff at trade events but a lot of it will go right in the bin when they get home, so it’s important that you design a great brochure that really catches their eye. If you really put some thought into it and make the design good, people will look at it again when they get home, but if it’s just a boring standard brochure, they won’t think twice about chucking it away.

These are all great ways to make yourself stand out at trade shows and get more new customers at the end of it.   

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5 Ways for Your Business to Make a Good Impression When Clients Come to Visit

As we are always being told, first impressions count for a lot, so you only get one opportunity to impress a client when they come to visit you at your office.

You may well have got on famously over the phone or in your email communications but that can all count for little if you don’t win them over with how your business is set up to receive visitors.

Here are some pointers on how to make the right impression when visitors come to your office.

Is the outside area clean and tidy?

Curb appeal is a big thing when you are trying to impress buyers who are coming to look at a home for sale and the same logic applies to your office, which is that you want your visitors to form a positive opinion when they arrive outside.

If you have a car park or paved area to look after, you might want to visit A+ SoftWash, for instance, to get the area professionally cleaned on a regular basis so that it is looking smart when they are parking their car and walking to the entrance.

Make sure all employees are on message

If you are running a small business you might not be able to justify the expense of having a receptionist to greet visitors.

If that is the case, it is important that all employees know how important it is to project a professional and helpful welcome if it falls to them to greet a visitor.

A personal welcome that is always well received

It always feels nice when you are made to feel a bit special and an inexpensive but effective way of achieving that aim is to use a lobby board where you can create a greeting message for your visitor.

Walking into a building to find your name displayed with a welcome message gives them the VIP experience and sets a good tone for the visit.

Keep everywhere clean and tidy

If your office is cluttered with paperwork over desks and there is a lack of uniformity to the layout you could argue that it shows how busy you are, but a clean and tidy workspace sends a more positive message that you are organized and in control.

Aim to keep desks as clear as possible and encourage a culture of tidiness in the office so that you are always ready for visitors.

Refreshments are always welcome

It is often a worthwhile investment to buy a decent coffee machine and a water system, as it is something that will be appreciated by staff and visitors too.

Think about the location of your coffee machine and if you can provide self-serve refreshments in the reception area it allows a client the opportunity to get a drink while they are waiting for you.

Having some fresh fruit and healthy snacks available is also a welcoming thing to do and is often appreciated by visitors.

These are just a few ways to help you create the right impression when you have visitors to your business and it is well worth making the effort if it contributes to a positive meeting and smooths the way to winning their business.

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Why You Should Choose a Golf Club For Your Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding and getting everything organised may initially seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Spending time with loved ones, making a to-do list and taking some time for yourself are all ways that you can de-stress. Also, you can always use your mum or another loved one to help plan your wedding – taking some of the worries away.

When it comes to finding a wedding venue, there are many things to consider. From the price to the location, the type of venue and the capacity it can hold, it may take you some time to find the perfect venue for your wedding.

Why choose a golf club?

A golf club is a great option for a wedding venue, whether you’re a golf enthusiast or simply want a breathtaking countryside venue. Here are some of the benefits that come with choosing a golf club for your big day:

1) The scenery is beautiful

Golf clubs are often located out in the countryside and feature manicured greens, beautiful flowers and pruned trees. This makes them the perfect backdrop for a wedding.  

2) They are often upscale

Golf clubs tend to be modern and stylish. Their wedding spaces are generally spacious and elegant – ideal for the big day. They can be tailored to fit your style and have the picturesque view out towards the course. Also, unlike hotels, many golf clubs only have one venue that will hold a wedding, therefore you won’t have to worry about another wedding happening on the same day. This exclusive feel makes the experience feel that bit more luxurious and special.

3) Awe-inspiring wedding photos

Following on from the first point, as golf clubs feature beautiful scenery, they are the ultimate place in which to take your wedding photos. Not only will you have an amazing backdrop, but it will save you on money that you would have spent travelling to a different location to take the photos.

4)  They can come with everything included

Golf clubs can offer wedding planners, on-site catering, flowers etc. By organising everything through them, you can ensure that everything goes to plan on your special day. There’s nothing more stressful than sourcing different aspects from different companies – this could result in your flowers not turning up, your cake not being how you want it etc.

 5)  You don’t need a membership

Enjoy all of the perks that come with a membership, without actually needing one. You can not only take advantage of the spacious parking but when you book a golf club you can also go out and enjoy a round before the big day!

  6) You can stay there afterwards

Many golf clubs also have a hotel attached to them (an example of which is the Boston West Hotel), which are a great place to rest your head after your wedding day. This also saves you money on transporting guests to a hotel that’s nearby and will make you feel more at ease throughout the day as you know that you won’t have to go far after your wedding comes to an end.

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3 Experts Who Can Help You Run Your Business

When you are just starting out with a new business, it can often be challenging and stressful to know what is really going to be involved. This might be especially true with your first business, as you obviously don’t know what you should really expect. But there is something that can always help you here, and it is simply having the right kind of people on board who can help you to run your business more successful. Once you start to look into this, you soon discover that there are many kinds of experts who are able to help you out, and whose advice and opinions you should probably be seeking. In this article, we are going to focus specifically on just three kinds of expert who should be able to help you run your business better, and who you should therefore seek out.


Money is always going to be a major concern in any business, and so it is hardly surprising that an accountant might be a good person to have on board. Most people will not have an accountant in-house, at least not at the start, but even just being in consultation with one outside of the business can be the kind of thing that is hugely useful. It is important to make sure that you find the right accountant for your purposes, which is much easier said than done, and ensure that you are happy to swap them out for another should that prove to be necessary. Services like QAccounting can help there, or you could just ask around until you find someone who you feel will help you out well. In any case, having an accountant on board will help you to keep your money in czech much more easily, which is hugely powerful in any business.

General Advisor

There are also business advisors out there who you might want to seek out, as they will be able to tell you what you should, when and why. That is not to say that their advice will always be perfect and infallible, but having the wisdom of someone much more experience on your side can really help you to see the future in more certain terms. There is so much involved in running a business that you just can’t know until you are doing it, and that is why such people might prove to be so important. Find a general advisor, and you will find that running your business is a much easier thing indeed.

HR Manager

The moment you have to hire people, you really want someone to be in charge of those people processes, and that is where an HR manager comes in. This is one of the first people you should look into having on your side, and you will want to be careful about who you go for here. They should be confident and able to deal with people well, and you should make sure that they are aware of all the ins and outs of hiring and firing. That can take a huge pressure off your back, which is something you will always be grateful for.

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