The Art of the Cold Email

Whether you’re just starting your business or are looking to scale, you’re probably focusing a lot of your time on getting new customers and prospects. You’re trying all of the new marketing tips and tricks and creating awesome sales funnels, but they aren’t necessarily working as well as you thought.

What more can you do?

Introducing the cold email. Well, you’ve definitely heard of (and dreaded) cold emails before, but it’s only because you were crafting the perfect one.

Reaching out to strangers and cold prospects can be intimidating, especially because a large percentage of them reject your offer or simply don’t answer. Don’t let this deter you from using this method, though. You never know what can come from sending a cold email to the right person.

Below are tips on how to create the perfect cold email to send your business propositions to.

Get Specific

Now, you can’t simply find a list of emails and send your cold email without thoroughly vetting the contacts. It’s important to be specific and show the recipient that you’ve looked into their business or problems.

Firstly, you should always address the prospect by name. Personalizing the email will get you so much further than if you send a generic one.

Use other specific information like their website or their business’s name. For example, if you’re selling insurance, you can use insurance xdate to remind your prospect when their current homeowners’ insurance policy expires. Little details like this can go a long way in a cold email.

Keep It Short

Nobody wants to open a cold email and have to read a novel. Chances are, the person will spend about five seconds skimming the email. If nothing catches their eye in those five seconds, they delete it.

So, keep the email short and to the point. Make it easy to read with short sentences and paragraphs.

Touch on Their Pain

In just a sentence or two, show your recipient that you understand the struggle or pain they’re feeling with their business or lifestyle. This is how you truly connect with them and gain their trust. When done well, they will continue reading to see which solution you are offering them.

Give Them a Transformation

While you may be selling a service or product with great features, it’s the benefits that you really want to sell in your cold email. Show your recipient the transformation they will make when they become your customer.

For example, if selling an insurance policy, don’t go into detail about the coverage and features of the policy. Instead, describe how much money they’ll save and the comfort they’ll feel knowing they’re protected.

Close with a Strong CTA

The point of a cold email is to get the recipient to take action. However, if you don’t put a strong CTA at the end, they won’t know what action to take if they’re interested. Encourage them to schedule a meeting or a demo with you. Make your CTA clear concise, and have it stand out from the rest of the email.

When you follow these five steps, you’ll see a much higher conversion rate when you send cold emails.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

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