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I’ve always aimed to make Business Plus Baby as useful as I possibly can. But in 2011, I want to try even harder.

So to make sure I give you exactly what you want, I’d really love to know a little more about you and your business.

I’d be really grateful if you could take my short survey. It’s just 6 questions long (and 5 of those have multiple choice answers), so it’ll only take a couple of minutes.

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Spots for Christmas?

It’s day 7 of my Next Twelve Days of Christmas and I’ve had a couple of surprises. First, there are still 12 days left to order from if you want them to deliver by Christmas. Not bad at all. Plus I had no idea you could actually buy a kitchen online from Next!

Today’s recommendation is also for the kitchen. I love this cute spotty dinner set with matching soda glasses and cutlery, but maybe that just shows I’m spending too long in the company of my 2 year old daughter these days!

Have a good weekend and I hope your Christmas shopping isn’t too hectic.

Here’s The Problem With Your Service Business…

Most mums starting out in business don’t have a lot of money to invest and they need to get cash coming in quickly. That makes service businesses like holistic therapies, virtual assistance, web design, writing,  childminding and bookkeeping popular choices.

These business have other advantages too, you can run them all from home and you can do as many hours as you want.

The snag with these businesses is that you’re exchanging your time for money. Lets say you’re working 20 hours a week. Up to half of that will be taken up by admin and marketing, leaving you not much more than 10 hours of time you can charge your clients for. You can’t earn any more because you don’t have any more hours.

The way around this is to find a way of earning without exchanging time for money. Here are two examples:

– Are there products that your clients buy or would like to buy? If you sign up for a direct selling scheme, you can sell a range of products without having to buy lots of stock. The direct selling company will provide things like brochures and order forms so all you need to do is buy a starter pack. You can sell anything from eco products to cosmetics to utilities! Check out  the direct selling section of Business Plus Baby for more info.

– Helen Pritchard is a holistic therapist and baby massage tutor. She was limited to working with people face-to-face, but she created baby massage DVDs and video downloads so she can sell them around the world. You can read more in I started a business with a baby: Helen Pritchard of New Stork Times.

Can you think of a second income stream that you could add to your business?

If you’re just starting out and feel like taking on anything else will make your head explode, then don’t worry about extra income streams just yet! It’s worth keeping the idea in the back of your mind just in case you do spot a good opportunity in the next few months, though.

Would you like to know more? My Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur E-Course is full of practical steps you can take to make more money from your business. Sign up for more info and you’ll be able to download my e-book: Price It Right: Five simple steps to choose a price for your product or service.

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Mumpreneur Monday Challenge: Time Management Tips

It’s that Monday time-of-the-week and that means it’s time for the Monday Challenge! (You can read all about the previous Monday Challenges here if you’ve missed them…)

Lately I’ve heard lots of business mums talk about not having enough time. Mums are permanently pushed for time so there’s nothing new there! But there’s no doubt the run up to Christmas puts us under even more pressure, especially if Christmas is a busy time for your business too.

So with all that in mind, this weeks challenge is to…

Try a new time management technique

Here are some ideas: Continue reading “Mumpreneur Monday Challenge: Time Management Tips”

Mumpreneur Monday Challenge: Create Some Fresh Content

It’s Monday again, so it’s time for this week’s challenge. (If you missed the previous challenges, here they are: Promote your blog, Get out there!, Get creative!)

Right, let’s dive in!

Content, content, content. You need it for blog posts, words to put on your website, things to link to on your facebook page, useful links to tweet about….

But how do you come up with all this stuff?

Your challenge this week is to….

Create some fresh content

More specifically, to take one step that will make creating fresh content easier for you from now on. (But that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue!)

Here are some ideas you could try this week… Continue reading “Mumpreneur Monday Challenge: Create Some Fresh Content”