Twitter changes at Business Plus Baby

This weekend I did something I’ve been procrastinating over for about eighteen months now. I switched Business Plus Baby’s Twitter account over from @HelenLindop to @Bizplusbaby.

This feels like I’ve dropped back from over 3000 followers to…er…11!

No wonder I’ve been procrastinating, eh?

Actually,  I haven’t lost any followers and I’ll still be tweeting at @HelenLindop. It’s just that over time I’ll be tweeting about slightly different things at @HelenLindop than at @Bizplusbaby. You’re very welcome to follow me at either or both IDs.

So why did I do it? Well, I wanted some consistency. This blog is called Business Plus Baby, the Facebook page is called businessplusbaby and my Twitter account was @HelenLindop.

But also because I’m going to be starting some new projects and I want to give people useful and relevant info on Twitter. I’m still thrashing out what my new projects will be, but they’re likely to be about business without the baby! So I need to separate out what I’m tweeting about.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be putting Business Plus Baby on the back-burner, though. I’m currently planning a rebrand/refurb/restructure of Business Plus Baby and I intend it to become bigger and bolder than before.  If you’re intrigued, watch this space! (Or better still, join my mailing list 🙂 )

In the meantime, I’d love you to follow me at @Bizplusbaby!


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