Why you should consider a career in the medical technology manufacturing industry

smartphone and stethoscopeHave you ever wondered where schools and laboratories get their beakers, pipettes, cell cultures, and other equipment from? Probably not, but medical technology manufacturing companies are actually an important part of the healthcare industry! These companies produce the tools necessary for scientists and researchers to do their jobs successfully. They are also a great place to work, as there are many rewarding job opportunities to choose from. Here are some reasons why a job in the medical technology manufacturing industry could be right for you:

You Can Make a Difference

Knowing that your work is meaningful and impactful can greatly improve your satisfaction and happiness with your career. At a medical technology manufacturing company, you can help develop, produce, or distribute essential laboratory products, life-saving medical devices, or medical equipment. These products are crucial for the development of new healthcare innovations and treatments. Whether you are part of the engineering team or the warehouse distribution team, you can play an important role in improving the world’s health.

No Medical Expertise Required

Although you might think that a medical technology manufacturing company only has the need for scientists or engineers, they actually need a wide variety of staff to make the operation successful. For example, a laboratory equipment manufacturer such as Greiner Bio-One requires technicians, machine operators, warehouse workers, quality control operators, sales managers, financial advisors, and more. With this flexibility, it is possible to still play a role in helping colleges and laboratories get the equipment they need without directly creating or distributing the tools yourself. Whether you have a medical background or sales background, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find a place at a medical technology manufacturing company.

Lots of Travel and International Opportunities

Due to the large size of many medical technology manufacturing companies, it is possible to find a job anywhere in the world. This means you could relocate to another country temporarily or long-term. Alternatively, many positions such as sales, finance, or management allow remote work with regular travel to manufacturing plants around the world. This can be a great opportunity to explore Germany, the Netherlands, China, or the United States for free!


In addition to being able to make a difference, choose from a variety of positions, and travel internationally, working at a medical technology manufacturing company can also yield high salaries. Of course, your income will depend on the position you choose. Typically, if you have a medical school degree, you can attain a much higher earnings potential. However, top-level sales, marketing, or management positions can also earn high salaries.


No matter your background, you can find a place in the medical technology manufacturing industry. Check them out today!

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