Why You Should Choose a Golf Club For Your Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding and getting everything organised may initially seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Spending time with loved ones, making a to-do list and taking some time for yourself are all ways that you can de-stress. Also, you can always use your mum or another loved one to help plan your wedding – taking some of the worries away.

When it comes to finding a wedding venue, there are many things to consider. From the price to the location, the type of venue and the capacity it can hold, it may take you some time to find the perfect venue for your wedding.

Why choose a golf club?

A golf club is a great option for a wedding venue, whether you’re a golf enthusiast or simply want a breathtaking countryside venue. Here are some of the benefits that come with choosing a golf club for your big day:

1) The scenery is beautiful

Golf clubs are often located out in the countryside and feature manicured greens, beautiful flowers and pruned trees. This makes them the perfect backdrop for a wedding.  

2) They are often upscale

Golf clubs tend to be modern and stylish. Their wedding spaces are generally spacious and elegant – ideal for the big day. They can be tailored to fit your style and have the picturesque view out towards the course. Also, unlike hotels, many golf clubs only have one venue that will hold a wedding, therefore you won’t have to worry about another wedding happening on the same day. This exclusive feel makes the experience feel that bit more luxurious and special.

3) Awe-inspiring wedding photos

Following on from the first point, as golf clubs feature beautiful scenery, they are the ultimate place in which to take your wedding photos. Not only will you have an amazing backdrop, but it will save you on money that you would have spent travelling to a different location to take the photos.

4)  They can come with everything included

Golf clubs can offer wedding planners, on-site catering, flowers etc. By organising everything through them, you can ensure that everything goes to plan on your special day. There’s nothing more stressful than sourcing different aspects from different companies – this could result in your flowers not turning up, your cake not being how you want it etc.

 5)  You don’t need a membership

Enjoy all of the perks that come with a membership, without actually needing one. You can not only take advantage of the spacious parking but when you book a golf club you can also go out and enjoy a round before the big day!

  6) You can stay there afterwards

Many golf clubs also have a hotel attached to them (an example of which is the Boston West Hotel), which are a great place to rest your head after your wedding day. This also saves you money on transporting guests to a hotel that’s nearby and will make you feel more at ease throughout the day as you know that you won’t have to go far after your wedding comes to an end.

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

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