How to Make Money From Your Land

Land is always a good investment. While the prices can fluctuate, it’s rarely a bad idea to have a lot of land in your portfolio. Not only is land a sound long-term place to invest your money, but they can also help bring in a pretty sizeable side-income, if you’re willing to put the land to use and start generating money. But what are the best ways to put your land to use? While it’ll depend on how much you have and where it’s located, there are some tried and tested ways, as we’ll see below.

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Growing Vegetables

There’s been a big shift in recent years when it comes to our food, and, more specifically, where it comes from. People are beginning to realise that the stuff they buy in the big supermarkets isn’t necessarily the best — or the cheapest — option out there. If you’ve got land and are willing to put some time into learning how to grow delicious vegetables and fruits, then you’ll find that there’s plenty of opportunities to bring in the cash. Along with selling your food directly to the public at markets and the like, you’ll also want to look at selling directly to cafes and restaurants — they know that fresher ingredients make a big difference to the overall quality of their meals.

Community Gardens

If you’re not willing to dedicate too much of your time to growing vegetables — and it does take time if you want to grow enough to build a reliable income stream — then why not look at opening your space up to the public? There’s something of a shortage when it comes to public allotments. People want a space to grow their own vegetables, but there’s nowhere for them to do it. If you have more than enough land, look at subdividing it into plots and renting them out to people. You won’t make a tonne of money, but you will be providing something of a public service to people who want it.


The above suggestions will work if you’ve got a lot of clear land, but what if your land isn’t clear, and, instead, you have trees? If this is the case, then timber harvesting may be the right way to go. You’ll be able to sell the wood from your trees to private individuals and industries, from which you can bring in a considerable income. You’ll want to carefully manage your forest, however, to ensure that you’re able to build a long-term business. It can be sustainable if you approach it with thought and care.

Overnight Stays

Want to make the most of your land, bring in money, and meet new people all the time? Then look at setting up a campsite. It’s a wonderfully simple thing to do — just divide up your land into tent pitching sites, set your rate, and wait. Of course, that’s the rustic approach to camping. If you want to make it slightly more luxurious, then you can add showers and other conveniences. As an alternative to camping, you can also think about setting up a bed and breakfast. People love getting out of the cities and into nature! This does require more effort, however — but will be deemed as a more agreeable way to make an income to some people.

Hosting Events

As well as spending a night out of the city, people love to host events out of the city, too. For starters, prices are generally cheaper, and the whole ambiance is generally improved. When you’re in nature, you can make as much noise as you want, it’s just you and your guests, it’s more magical, and so on. If you’ve got land, then look at opening it up for hosting events such as weddings, parties, music shows, and the like. You’ll get much satisfaction from being part of something awesome! For this, you’ll want to work with experts so that you can design a romantic, inspiring space.

Looking After Pets

Animal lover? Then take that love and start a business that helps people out and ensures you’re always surrounded by fuzzy creatures. A large lot of land is an ideal space for letting dogs run through, or for housing cats, or, if you have experience, even setting up horse stables. You’ll want to start small since it can be a lot of hard work, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that you can earn a decent amount of money — people need quality pet sitters more than you’d think, and are happy to pay for it.


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