How To Avoid Having To Fire Employees

No boss who runs a business ever wants to fire an employee. For multiple reasons this is a detriment to the goals that you have to growing and expanding. For one thing, employees have been hired for a reason and that is because they met your requirements. So they were good enough to get their foot in the door and sell themselves to you. Having to fire someone who met the standard for being hired is never easy. Another reason is that, employees who have amazing skills and temperaments to really make a big impact in your business are very hard to come by. You have also invested a lot of time and money in training them and nurturing them to be better at their roles. Yet, having to fire someone isn’t always going to be because they essentially did something wrong with regards to your company rules. A lot the time it’s out of your hands or potentially could be out of your hands, so avoiding this altogether is ideal.


Negligence is sometimes not forgivable

Nowadays, workers rights are at the forefront of every business. Health and safety especially remains a hot topic of discussion and law. When an employee does something dangerous toward another employee, even if it wasn’t intentional and the employee doesn’t take it personally, you may still need to let that person go. One example is in manufacturing facilities. If an employee started a machine when another employee was either in the way of moving parts or was not aware they were close to moving parts, then this is a potentially life and death accident waiting to happen. In this regard, professional health and safety training such as, would actually help employees to understand a different mindset. This would allow them to avoid such accidents, and make sure their cautious brain is switched on. Even if procedures are in place such as checking and double checking certain things, employees need to have a conscious mind of their own actions.

Behaviour in public

In the world of business, there are many things you should simply not do. One of them is being publicly seen as berating a customer, or perhaps doing something that is insulting. An example of this would be if you were in a foreign country and one of your employees did something to offend that nation’s culture. This could be touching a monument to the dead, or perhaps even disrespecting the flag of that country in some way. To save face and to not lose so many customers, you may need to fire that employee to make a public showing that you do not endorse their actions. It’s not nice but sometimes you do have to sacrifice those that offended a massive amount of people, to lessen the backlash to your company. To avoid this you should give the employees instructions on how to behave. Inform them of the things that could land them in hot water that they might not know about, regarding different countries and cultures.

There are some situations that make it difficult being the boss. You have to fire employees who endanger others and sometimes make a fool of your business in public. There are ways to avoid this however, so be proactive in this sense.


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