Remote control — 3 child-friendly home careers for mums

When your maternity leave is drawing to a close, it’s natural to consider whether you really want to return to the same job you’ve been doing for years.

Having a baby might make you reassess your career and decide that doing something completely different would make you happier and your relationships more harmonious.

But picking a new path can be a bit of a brain-teaser — so here are three child-friendly home careers for mums.

1 . Virtual PA

If you’re a natural organiser with good communication skills, becoming a virtual PA like Anna Burton could allow you to earn a decent living offering your polished services to stressed-out corporate high-fliers.

For those who have already worked as an executive assistant, working remotely lets you pick hours that fit around family commitments — while ensuring your hard-earned experience doesn’t go to waste.

But PA newbies can take an online diploma to get a solid foundation in touch typing, shorthand, bookkeeping and the most common office software applications.

Once you build up a loyal clientele, you might eventually need to hire your own assistants to share the workload.

2 . Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a broad field that covers everything from web development to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), web analytics, social media and account management.

But most roles are suited to home work — and if you’re a mum working for a digital agency like Attercopia, you’ll thrive in a flexible, family-friendly culture where remote teams are tightly-knit.

If you’re new to the sector, you can possibly adapt existing skills in writing or project management — but studying for an online digital marketing qualification can provide you with the basic knowledge needed to get started.

If you don’t feel ready to work exclusively for an agency or brand, cut your teeth as a freelancer who helps SMEs establish their digital presence or provide basic training at government-funded workshops — there are several possible income streams to tap into.

3 . Immigration consultancy

With Britain withdrawing from the EU, immigration rules that are already tough to get your head around are set to become increasingly complex for people from Europe and beyond who still want to come to the UK to join family, work and study.

So if you’ve already got Home Office visa decision-making experience, starting an immigration service like de Prey Consulting lets you work from home and apply your insider knowledge to help applicants successfully navigate the system.

You’ll need to sit your OISC level 1, 2 or 3 exams, depending on the immigration rules categories you want to specialise in — but once you’re qualified, it’s simple to communicate with clients worldwide via phone or video link.

Choose one of these three child-friendly home jobs for mums and take remote control of your new career.

Are you a mum who works from home? Share your story in the comments section.

Image: Pixabay

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