Marketing Practical Products

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Not every product can be a jet-ski a treehouse in the forest or a superfast motorbike that quite simply sells itself due to the excitement and interest in generates. In fact, most of the products we manufacture, buy and sell are practical products that are not all that exciting.

From air filters and air tight access panels to pencil sharpeners and paint, there are lots of practical products that are absolutely vital to many of us for many different reasons, but which due to their practicality, can be more difficult to market. However, they also have an advantage in that we do need them.

So, it is possible to market practical products, but how do you do it? Here are some ideas:

Have a Sense of Humor About It

So, you know that accounting is about as boring as it gets, but you have a great accounting apps to sell – use your sense of humour. Poke fun at the abject boringness of accountancy and how dull it all is and not only will your audience will laugh right along with you, but you’ll be laughing your way to the bank too.

Make it Seem Exciting

So, you have some pimple cream to sell, and it’s the least sexy product you can possibly think of, you’re absolutely at your wits end about how to market it. I mean, showing someone with spots and then without them will show the product’s effectiveness, but there will always one those people who doubt that you’re telling the truth, right, so what do you do? Instead of doing the same old boring before and after, you shake it up. You show a young guy using your pimple cream before heading out on his motorcycle to a great party where he ends up meeting a beautiful young girl, and they ride off into the sunset together – you make it sexy and exciting – it’s basically marketing 101.

Hire a Celebrity

If you don’t have the big money, then it doesn’t matter how practical your product is, if you can find a celebrity who is willing to endorse it, they will help you to draw considerable attention to your product, and you will see an increase in sales. If you can’t afford a top-end celebrity, then asking social media influencers to promote your stuff will work in a similar way.

Focus on Safety

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If your product offers a lot of safety, then you really cannot go wrong by focusing your marketing efforts on that fact because consumers love products that make them feel safe. So, you might think it’s a pretty standard product, but if it helps prevent someone being robbed or their house going up in flames, play up to that, create emotions and tell the consumer exactly how your product will save people – they’ll lap it up.

Instead of worrying about how you’re going to market your most practical products, start thinking about all of the reasons why they are so great, how you can use the above methods to make other people realize that and start acting. People need these things and they will buy them regardless, so make sure they buy from you!

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