New Year To Do List For Big Planners And Organisers

You are a natural-born planner and love being the person behind a masterplan. Having everything organised gives you a tremendous sense of satisfaction and well being and deep down you know things make more sense when there is a logic to them, whatever that may be.  

Whilst some people might never understand your frame of mind, you should be proud of who you have turned out to be; not that many people enjoy being on top of projects and life-plans. In order to make sure you have a terrific year, we have prepared a number of tips below for you to make the most of your unique skills!

Plan a big party for the end of February

Now that the year is over, you have all this energy to spare and with your family taking control of the Christmas preparations you have nowhere to spend this. With your great planning and organising skills, there is something you could do that would satisfy large numbers of people. Why not throw a big party at the end of February and before the colder weather starts to take hold of the country? This could be a great way of showing your skills off to your friends by putting together a cool pool party with some summery drinks and fancy costumes. If you’ve never planned any big events in the past, read the Complete Event Planning Guide. It will give you some ideas into party-planning.

Enter higher education

Your family told you you would make a great planner and you have always wanted to put your skills professionally into practice but never really came across a course that you found that interesting. If you like seeing projects completed and following these through from the conception stage, and are interesting in what experts do to measure risk and avert this by putting in place a solid strategy, then you could be interested in enrolling in the online Project Management Graduate Diploma that RMIT are offering. Having run courses in project management for over 20 years, they are a good institution to join.

Plan a long trip

You and your boyfriend have long been talking about taking the ultimate road trip. He has been putting it off since this involves doing research on the entry requirements placed by each country you intend to visit and also doing some checks on the vaccination requirements of each destination. With time in your hands and a great organised mind to get on with the task, perhaps it’s time you manage this aspect of the trip, the more bureaucratic one. If you and your boyfriend have decided on which countries to visit already, then just compile a list of these and study the visa and health check requirements of each.

Help a friend plan a wedding

You are not getting hitched yet, but your friend is. He proposed in the most wonderful deserted beach in the country and you two have been talking about it ever since. With tears in her eyes it’s all a bit too much for her and you have decided you will help her plan her wedding. Her organisational skills are not very good, anyway, and this will be the perfect wedding gift from you to her. Spend hours talking to her about her boyfriend and childhood. Find out as many quirky details about her life as possible; this will help you find the perfect theme for her wedding. Not saying you have to turn the banquet into The Little Mermaid’s hiding corner, but it would be good to decide on a style for the big day. Find more ideas here!

Rearrange your mother’s jewellery

She can never find what she is looking for in her jewellery box and is always late, as a result, to meet her friends. She has probably mentioned that she would love to be a bit more organised hundreds of times but you have never really known how to help her until now. You have searched in her jewellery box dozens of times (you love her amber pendant from when she was young) and know very well how she feels. The last time you pulled the chain from the box you nearly ripped it off as it was badly entangled with other pieces of jewellery. Start by buying her a bigger jewellery box and make sure it has many compartments where you can fit her various gold items.  

Come up with a brilliant exercise routine

You have been going on all winter about getting fit and showing your body to the nearest world population in a bikini in your local beach. Thing is, you haven’t touched a workout machine in the entire season and your dad has been kind enough to offer you lifts every time you were going out. As a result, exercise is well overdue. Utilise your planning skills to structure an exercise routine that will help you tone your body. Don’t only limit this to a single exercise form but make sure you mix a few; this will ensure your entire body gets a workout and not just your legs, for instance. This video will ignite your inspiration!

Putting all those valuable organisation skills to good use doesn’t need to be a challenge. We shine when we learn to value and appreciate the skills that used to haunt us. Your tidiness needn’t be a curse anymore and instead, you could embark on the above journeys in order to show to the world you are an incredibly talented and organised individual.

Without any further hesitation, get your notebook out and start contacting some bands for that awesome party you are about to organise, undust your pencil case and enroll in that university diploma that you’ve always felt intrigued by or head towards your mum’s bedroom to rearrange her jewellery. Being tidy and a massive planner is something to be proud of and not hide away from your friends or family.

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