Banner Advertising – 3 Cost-Effective Ways to Boost Your Business!

We know, everything’s gone digital – but has it? Think about it for a moment; while digital marketing and advertising does have its benefits, it’s not everything when it comes to promoting your business, brand, and products.

Ask yourself why many large enterprises, even global brands, shell out millions of pounds each year to appear on roadside billboards. The answer is simple; it works for them. It’s a tried and tested method of getting their name, brand, offer, etc. in front of people in a non-intrusive manner.

One clear advantage is the repetitive nature of such billboards; a person travelling the same route to work each day, for example, will be repeatedly exposed to the advertising, and thus brand familiarity is established at a subliminal level – powerful stuff, and difficult to replicate through online digital ads, which most people tend to ignore.

While your own business may not be a global brand, or you may not have a million-pound marketing budget, you can still take advantage of the basic principle which drives billboard advertising; non-invasive repetitive exposure to your business and brand; here’s how.

  1. Outdoor banners

The possibilities are almost limitless; an eye-catching banner strategically positioned in relation to your business location can attract the attention of commuters, pedestrians, and, importantly, those who might be in the vicinity of your business, and hence realistically potential customers.

  1. Roll up banners

If your business attends many exhibitions, trade shows or other similar events, then roll up banners are ideal for delivering a consistent, clear message regarding your business and brand. A high-quality roller display can also be used immediately outside your business premises, or internally to promote special offers and discounts, or orientate customers, or simply greet visitors in reception. The possible applications are only limited by your own imagination.

  1. Pop up banners

Would your business benefit from a lightweight, portable pop up display banner, which you can position in various locations, either temporarily or permanently? Banner pop up displays give you maximum flexibility, allowing you to change the artwork within the same framework, so you can plan a series of promotional messages using the same unit(s).

You can organise a display advertising schedule, programming which promotional message is displayed in which location, for how long, and measure the results in terms of customer acquisition. With portable pop up banners, you can get your business and your brand in front of people repeatedly in various different locations.

The next time you consider marketing strategies for your business, brainstorm where and how you could deploy such banners in your local area to help boost awareness, build your brand, and grow your business.

Image: Falkenpost 

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