Is It Wise To Place All Of Your Online Marketing Eggs In One Basket?

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The rewards from effective online marketing have become highly lucrative over the past few years. This cost effective way of marketing your business has led to incredible returns on your investment. Your foray into the world of online marketing may have been fairly limited up until now with a brief jaunt into setting up a Twitter feed and a Facebook page. However, there is so much more to marketing in the digital age. Take a look at these online avenues that you may wish to explore when it comes to marketing your business.

Email Marketing Campaigns

If you have a wealth of contacts, an email marketing campaign can take minimal effort, yet reach the maximum number of potential customers. With a well-crafted email that offers a link to an informative, engaging blog post, links to social media channels and a promotional offer for a new product, you could generate new leads that could lead to sales. A more sophisticated email campaign could take the form of three or four emails that run over a set number of weeks, each one ending with a cliffhanger teaser to entice the customer to read the following email. You may want the customer to collect different parts to a voucher before being able to spend it at your online store. Either way, you will be securing traffic to your website and enhancing the chances of a sale.


For your website to be found, it needs to rank highly in Google’s search results. There is an air of mystery surrounding SEO, and the Google algorithms used to rank websites. It might pay to hire a company like MEDIA tribe who are experts in their field. They can utilize their knowledge of keywords, backlinks and search engines to help you develop a comprehensive growth strategy for your business. You may have the most spectacular user-friendly website, but it’s vital that people are able to find it.

The Blog

As a company, it’s imperative that you find your online voice. It needs to be authentic to your brand and engaging for your target market. If you are a company specializing in selling educational toys for toddlers, make your tone informal and chatty, as if you were having a coffee and a natter with mums in a cafe. If you are a small accountancy firm, your tone should be more formal, and you should focus on more explanatory content in your posts. Your online voice and presence set the style and tone of your brand, so it’s vital you remain consistent in your approach.

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When it comes to online marketing in the digital age, it’s important that your business stays at the forefront of content marketing methodologies and strives to have its fingers in as many pies as possible. By harnessing every approach to online marketing, you are targeting as many potential customers as you can, and doing so in a worthwhile way. Implementing a coherent and structured online marketing strategy means that you will be able compete with the big guns in your industry sector successfully.


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