5 Creative Ways To Advertise Your Business

Great businesses are always looking for creative ways to push the envelope and bring in more money. With 543,000 new businesses opening each month, competition is fierce. As a business owner, it’s your job to stand out from businesses that offers similar products or services. These businesses could even be around the corner. Small businesses often find themselves in competition with other small businesses for territory and the same population of clientele. To give your business the upper hand, try one of these five creative ways to advertise your business:

Vehicle Wraps

A vehicle wrap is a great way to get your business some attention, both on and off the road. Whether you’re driving down the highway or in a parking lot, people are reading your vehicle wrap — even if they don’t necessarily mean to. This is because it’s a natural habit to divert your gaze to anything attention-grabbing in your peripheral. And if part of your business consists of making deliveries or driving for any reason, why not advertise while you’re at it?

By using a vehicle wrap, you’re investing in long-term advertising. Vehicle wraps are an effective way to spread your brand message. This powerful marketing tool is not only attention grabbing, but helps you reach a wider audience in a non-aggressive way. Unlike print ads, popups, and radio commercials, vehicle wraps don’t disrupt consumers. They’re also cost-effective, compared to traditional advertising that have recurring costs.

Additionally, business owners can get creative with vehicle wraps and spark a dialogue. Be sure to include the basics, like a phone number and business name, and make it simple for people to understand the services you have to offer.

Virtual Showrooms

There are tremendous benefits to virtual showrooms, and because this advertising method isn’t overdone, it offers your business a unique edge. Virtual showrooms are websites that serve as an exact replica of what’s happening in your showroom. They’re perfect for car dealerships, furniture stores, real estate agencies, and much more. These showrooms can do wonders for conversion rates, especially if your business sells large and/or unique items, or is quite a distance away from major towns and cities. It gives potential buyers the opportunity to explore what you have to offer without making too big of a commitment.

Fiverr Flyers

Fiverr is platform that allows businesses to take advantage of a range of low-cost services, from graphic design to writing and marketing. The “Flyer & Handouts” section of the “Advertising” category offers unique and personalized flyer services that cost next to nothing. There are dozens of users who will distribute hundreds of flyers at campuses or malls starting at just $5, with incremental increases for additional flyers and features. Many of the users offering these services have hundreds of five-star reviews. These testomonials offer a glipse of how effective this “outdated” method can actually be in a modern world.

Outdoor Signage

Common for retailers and restaurants, sidewalk and window signage provides passerby with a glimpse of what to expect from a business. Creative outdoor signage can actually attract customers who would have continued walking otherwise. Use these signs to advertise promotional deals, discounts, or speciality items. And don’t be afraid to have a little fun. For example, creative chalkboard signs with funny sayings and pictures tend to get photographed on social media at the very least. At the end of the day, you’d be surprised at the dollar value a simple sign could be.

Online Quizzes

Sponsored quizzes are popular for big brands, but even small business owners can take a piece of the pie. Consumers love online quizzes, and if you use your social media (and maybe a little advertising) to promote them, your quiz has potential to go viral.

For example, let’s say you’re a home goods store and want to capitalize on Valentine’s Day. Your quiz could be titled: “Which Gift Would Be Perfect For Your Lady? Take This Quiz To Find Out!” Quiz results could include nice gifts your shop sells and catchy content about unique ways to present the gift. Quiz options are endless, and there are plenty of ways to make them relevant to your business.

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