Easy Ways To Work For Yourself That Could Free You From Your 9-5

If you’re desperately trying to look busy at your desk even though you’re reading this article, you’re not alone. Thousands of people like you are fed up with their jobs right now. We’ve never worked so hard or had to stretch our incomes so far. And lots of us simply don’t get on with the people around us at work. This is why so many people are trying to find ways to free themselves from the drain of a nine-to-five job.

The commute is long, boring, and one of the most unpleasant ways you can think of to spend up to four hours every day. Whether you use public transport, or you sit in long traffic jams each day, this is your valuable time. Couldn’t it be put to better use? Thanks to revolutions in technology, more of us than ever can skip the commute and work from home. This could be the answer for you. But wouldn’t you rather skip the boss part of your job too?

If you’re looking for a way to start working for yourself, there are plenty of ways to do it. However, most of us need an income, and working for yourself won’t necessarily provide one in the first few months. So don’t ditch your job just yet, but do try some of these easy ways to work for yourself:

Franchise Opportunity

More and more big name brands are looking for people like you to open stores on their own terms. It’s one of the easiest ways to become your own boss, while enjoying the support of a huge company. By wearing their brand, you can build up your own customers and profits. If you haven’t heard much about franchising before, click here for a detailed article about how it could work for you.


If you have something interesting to say and know a few people who wouldn’t mind sharing it with their friends, you’re on your way to success. Bloggers that have been writing for a while are able to monetize their blogs and generate an income. Yes, it can take a few months to several years to build up enough followers to interest the advertisers that will pay you money. But it’s great fun while you’re doing it. Best of all, it can be done when you have a couple of hours free, so there’s no need to quit your job.


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There are hundreds of different jobs you can do as a freelancer. Freelancing means you have no guaranteed source of income, though. However, if you’re good at what you do, you could soon be earning a living doing what you love. Can you draw or write? Plenty of media companies are looking for writers or digital artists to take on small projects. As you are self-employed, you will be responsible for agreeing on contracts and chasing payments. You’ll have to your own taxes. There are no benefits packages or pensions unless you set them up and pay into them.

Freelancing can be incredibly lucrative, particularly for creatives. However, it can also spell financial disaster if the work offers dry up. All it takes is for someone better than you to approach your clients, and you’ll have no work left. So be sure to continue pushing yourself artistically. Continue developing yourself academically to prove you are the best choice.


Lots of people fancy the idea of writing a book and becoming a published author. Some people love the thought of having their children’s story sat on the shelf of the local bookstore. There are always publishing houses looking for fresh new talent. If your book is complete, why not approach an agent or a publisher for some feedback? It’s important you have finished works and a portfolio of evidence of your abilities. This would be the same if you were a musician, photographer or fashion designer.

As a novelist, you will have to spend time on your own typing away without distraction. It can be hard to motivate yourself in these circumstances, and the dreaded writer’s block can hit you hard. But if words spill out of you easily, and you have great story ideas, why not give it a go? You should also enter plenty of writing competitions so you can begin to make a name for yourself.

Teacher or Trainer

Many people are thirsty for knowledge. If you have specialist knowledge in a particular area, you may be in high demand! Of course, you will also need to have a knack for imparting that information in a structured and interesting way. Why not approach your local community college and see if there is an interest in your topic of knowledge?


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You may need to develop a curriculum and even a series of lesson plans for the course. As an industry professional, education centers may be keen to have you as a lecturer. Some will even train you to be a qualified instructor or teacher while you work. But if you want to work for yourself, perhaps you can set up some mini courses at your local business center yourself. Attend a few to get a feel for how they work.


If you have something to sell, then why not start up your own internet store? An online retail site doesn’t cost much to set up. You can design it yourself, use a template, or pay a web developer to oversee it. If you have used sites like eBay, you will know about the importance of good photos, good description, and prompt answers to queries. Owning your own eStore could be just a step up from there.

You’ll have to manage the posting and packing side of things unless you use a drop shipper. But with postal stores now open around the clock, your entire business can be run from home after work hours. This can be very convenient for you, but consider how this may affect your family. Having lots of stock all over the house can be a tad annoying!

Working for yourself could take time. It might even take a little investment. But it could be easier than you thought to free yourself from your nine-to-five.

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