Building your brand from scratch through marketing

One of the key factors of success is an effective marketing campaign. But, most people skip over what makes a marketing campaign successful. If your marketing campaign is successful, you will attract a large consumer audience. They will be interested in purchasing your product or using a service that you are offering. We also think that if a promotion campaign is success you’re going to see interest from investors and find new ways to expand your company. But these two factors should not be the only results of a marketing campaign. Ideally, what you want to see after an extensive promotion plan is a build in brand recognition.


Brand Recognition

Brand recognition will allow consumers to recognise what your business is and what it offers by name or logo alone. Imagine, if you came across a product. You were unsure what it was but you noticed that it had the microsoft logo on it. Even if it didn’t look like a piece of tech, you might automatically assume it was something related to computer technology. If you had some knowledge of the brand you might even start to make conclusions about the product. You think that it’s designed to be easy to use and for the masses. You might also wonder if it’s related to a games console or a Windows phone. With this type of brand recognition, a business will be able to successfully sell a product on name alone. You will often see this type of effect in the movie industry.

For instance, in 2014, Interstellar would have been a massive risk for the producer if it hadn’t had the name Christopher Nolan as the director. That name has become a brand Warner Bros. can rely on to market a film to the masses. The brand has an established consumer base, and that’s what you want for your business. You might be wondering how you can achieve this through marketing.

Logo Design

You will need to create a logo for your business. Typically, all business brands have a logo that consumers can recognise. For instance, there is the Disney castle or the Pixar lamp. In some cases, the name of the business forms part of the logo and in other instances it is completely separate. The important thing to think about is how to make the logo for your business unique to your company. It should not be copycatting off another success story. This can lead to two problems that you want to avoid. The first is that customers might confuse your business with another company. That might seem like an advantage, but it won’t be when that company sues you for copyright infringement.

In some situations a logo is unnecessary. The name is all that is needed to make the brand a success. This occurs either after a certain point when the company has been on the market for years. Or, if someone in the public limelight is associated with that business. An example of this would be the late Steve Jobs or Richard Branson.

Don’t forget that there is nothing stopping you making yourself the person who people see when they think of your company. You just have to put yourself out there, including your image in your marketing strategy. If you think you have the charisma and appeal, this could lead to great success.

Key Marketing Concepts


There are several key marketing concepts related to establishing a brand during marketing. The first is personal merchandise. You can sell customized merchandise to consumers or give it to them for free. If it has your company name or logo on it, this merchandise could then act as an effective form of marketing. Consumers can be given it at business events or in relation to marketing concepts. For instance, you could start a social media campaign for your business with the hashtag #getshade. You might do this if your business is selling suntan lotion but at the same time, you could offer free printed sunglasses. This type of concept could work for any type of campaign.

Another key concept we have already touched upon is social media. Social media is one of the biggest weapons in your arsenal for establishing brand recognition. Using social media, you can connect with consumers, finding out what they think your business is and what they want you to offer. Once you have done this, you’ll see who your target customers are. You can then alter your marketing to match their preferences entirely. If you do this, you could see your customer base double or even triple.

However, social media isn’t the only way you should be establishing a brand online. You need to think about setting up a stylish, modern site that will attract the interest of consumers. Don’t forget that the way you style your site will have a direct impact on your brand. Even the type of content you write can have a positive or negative effect. You need to be careful about the tone you use as well as how your business is portrayed. Ideally, you need your business to be seen as an establishment that is professional, but that does care about the customers.

Your Employees

You might be surprised to learn that your employees can and perhaps will make up a part of your brand. You should not shy away from this idea. Instead, you should use the notion to strengthen your brand and your business image like other businesses have done before. We can look at Apple again as an example here with the “Apple Geniuses.” The Apple Geniuses are just sales assistant like in any other store but it’s the way they have been marketing that separates them from the rest. They have been portrayed as the friendly face of a major corporation. If you want your brand to be successful, you need to come up with a similar idea. Or, at the very least make sure that your employees are people you want your customers to interact with.

We hope we have shed a little light on what brand recognition is and how useful it can be for your company.

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