7 Golden tips to running a better business in 2016


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January is fast approaching. While others are making their resolutions to improve their personal lives, your aim in 2016 is simple: build a better business.

It doesn’t matter how experienced or successful you are, the business can always improve. As a great entrepreneur, you should always have eyes peeled for ways to make this a reality. Failure to do this will only allow competitors to edge ahead of you in the fierce battle for customers.

Here is a seven-step plan to follow in 2016 and beyond. Get these items tied down, and the business should reach greater heights than ever before.

Better Recruitment

Every business owner should appreciate the importance of the team. Many hands make light work in business, and recruiting the most capable hands will ensure the company has a far greater chance for success.

The importance of this aspect is often overlooked by employers. But building a better team will improve workflow while also giving you more confidence. There are many resources to ensure that you only employ the best candidates in future. Doing this is something that you can improve immediately, so make sure that you do.

Apart from anything else, a stronger team will give you more time to concentrate on your personal input. What more incentive could you need?

Improved Organisation

No company is going to reach its full potential until it is blessed with solid structure. That has to start from the top and filter its way through the operation. There are plenty of Apps and gadgets to help improve your personal situation. However, you should also invest in items that will help the entire organisation.

Upgrading the office to a paperless one will reduce wasted time and money. Moreover, you can use cloud computing facilities to sync devices to ensure important items aren’t missed. Communication is key to your business. Get this right, and the entire operation should thrive.

An unorganised business is going to use resources in a wasteful manner. Do not let this become an issue.

Upgraded Online Platform

The business world is constantly changing. But in recent times, it has become clear that internet selling is the future for companies wishing to expand.


This is the perfect opportunity to branch out and reach new audiences. Meanwhile, incorporating international shipping can allow you to target new territories too. Whatever you do, it’s imperative that your ecommerce site encourages users to complete a sale. The only way to do this is with improved shopping cart facilities.

Customers need to trust your website. Enhance those positive feelings by accepting as many payment methods as possible, and you cannot go far wrong.

More Effective Marketing

It doesn’t matter if you’re concentrating on offline or online matters. You cannot convert sales without interest. Planting those seeds is an imperative part of the process, and marketing is the key to doing it successfully.

The recipe for better marketing is targeting the biggest audience possible in a cost-efficient way. Nowadays, taking your ventures online with social media marketing and advanced SEO is a must. This is especially true when selling items online.

However, it’s not the only crucial aspect for better marketing. You cannot afford to dismiss the importance of offline ventures. Trade shows are a great way to recruit new followers. The only problem is that it can be expensive. Thankfully, you can remove some of the strain with custom exhibit rentals.

More importantly, they will help you catch the attention of your demographic. Convert this into sales, and 2016 is set to be your greatest year ever.

Stronger Customer Relationships

It’s not all about selling products, though. Business is equally about selling your brand. You are the biggest USP of your company. The sooner you realise this, the better.

This is an area where SMEs can gain an advantage over global brands. Offering a more personal experience will make the customer feel far more appreciated. Once they start to link your company to positive thoughts, the chances of increased sales will soar.

One of the most important issues is trust. Make sure customer care is easy to contact for customers. Whether it’s using social media or telephone services doesn’t matter. The key is that they can feel confident about using your company. Follow this up with special loyalty offers and other gestures of appreciation to seal the deal.

Besides, word of mouth is a powerful tool. Give people something to shout about, and they’ll naturally recruit new customers too.

Reduced Outgoings

Increased revenue is the focus of your attentions. However, this isn’t the only way to earn bigger profits. You can make an equally huge impact by reducing your outgoings. Even if you aren’t in desperate need, running the business in a more efficient manner will bring great results.

You don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your products or services. Therefore, it’s vital that you only make changes that won’t cause negative impact to the company. The leading candidates for this include finding lower energy rates and other indirect facilities.

Meanwhile, you can also take advantage of these ideas to improve perceptions of the brand. The best way to do this is by making eco-friendly changes. Whether it’s upgrading your fleet to hybrid cars or changing light bulbs doesn’t matter. It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for business too.

Advanced Financial Control

This final point links into the idea of better organisation. However, monitoring your finances is such a crucial factor that it deserves its own section in this guide. Quite frankly, if you aren’t doing this, then you’ll never know where you stand.

Knowing your finances isn’t just a case of paying your taxes. It’s about knowing where your business is at this point in time, and whether there is an opportunity to expand the company further. All decisions need to be made with a knowledge of the financial background. With advanced online accounting facilities, there’s no excuse for failure.

Besides, the entire company will be judged by finances alone. Taking care of yours in 2016 will promote a better business venture.


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