6 Replies to “What’s the value of a mum? (Infographic)”

  1. Quality time with my husband consists of us sitting side by side on the sofa, hunched over our individual laptops. That’s an entrepreneurial household for you. Still, we’re happy! 🙂

  2. I do love it. Great to compare myself to the average too. 3 hours quality time with a partner? Where do mums get that from?? Is that snuggling up while sleeping at night perhaps. Then again, I am clearly a very efficient shopper, spending max. 1 hour/week on this.

    I was wondering how they get from 70 hours to £578/week, that would be £8,- per hour, while nannies get paid £10,- per hour, and cleaners £7-8 (excluding tax of course). Clearly mums don’t get a very high hourly rate from Money Supermarket.

    What do you think?

    1. I think it’s a minefield, actually! On the one hand this kind of research does show the amount of unpaid (undervalued?) work that’s involved in being a mum. But on the other, does it reduce motherhood to a series of mundane low-paid tasks? But then again, if you argue that childcare done by mum is special compared to childcare from a nursery or childminder, that both undermines childcare professionals and implies that women should be looking after their children instead of being at work! No wonder the media love this subject, mums come out badly however you interpret the data!

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