Here’s how a good business idea could change your life…

A good idea really could change your life, but that’s just the start. You’ll need support, advice and funding to turn that idea into a thriving business.

You also need to be different; to stand out and to do things differently from the other businesses out there.

Orange are looking for the UK’s next different business. If you’ve got a fresh idea, why not tell Orange all about it? You could win a year’s backing and support to make it happen.

Orange understands different business thinking because they’ve always been different. Launching in 1994 into a competitive market, they’ve had a stream of new ideas, from being the first mobile company to charge calls by the second, to offering something completely different like 2 for 1 cinema tickets and pizza deals.

orange different business comp

Now Orange are giving you the chance to follow in their footsteps. The Orange Different Business Competition has a prize worth up to £200,000 which includes:

  • Investment capital
  • Legal advice
  • Business planning advice
  • Mentoring
  • Marketing consultancy

Their panel of judges includes some of the UK’s most successful business leaders – tell them about your innovative new idea and you could become the UK’s next different business. They’re looking for a different idea, different approaches, clear strategies – something that’s worth funding. (But don’t worry, there’s advice on how to complete your application on the Win Your Business website).

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my self-employed life is that you can’t do it all alone. That makes for a long, slow-learning process.

Yes, I’ve been there and done that!

Plus we all know that business funding is hard to get hold of these days. So if you’ve got a good idea, the Orange Different Business Competition is a rare opportunity to get your business both funding AND support at the same time.

And if you don’t have a great business idea in mind right now, why not tell a friend who might have one of their own?

Go to Win Your Business to find out more and to enter.

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