Get 90% off courses from the most respected online entrepreneurs (plus my interview with Man vs Debt!)

For the next 72 hours, you can grab e-courses by top online entrepreneurs for 90% less than their full price in the Only72 Sale.

This isn’t your usual internet marketing hype, either. All of these course are for sale at full price on their owners websites now.

I grabbed the first ever Only 72 pack a year ago and it really did make a huge difference to Business Plus Baby.

This time there are two different packs to choose from:

  • The Business Launcher pack is for you if you’re launching a new business, building a business in your spare time, blogging or growing communities.
  • The Business Amplifier Package is for you if you’re growing existing online businesses, training employees, building a team or taking an offline business online.

The Business Launcher package is $97 (about £62) for courses that separately will cost you over $1033

The Business Amplifier package is $497 (about £320) for courses that separately will cost you over $4344

For every pack sold, a donation will be made to the Women of the Americas Sustainability Initiative who train international women community leaders on how to build sustainable housing and buildings. These clay and earth techniques are then used to build schools, low-income housing, and other vital community building in nations across the world. So far, the Only72 guys have given over $40,000 to charity.

Only 72 closes this Thursday – click here for all the details…

Only72 was created by Adam Baker of Man vs Debt and his friend Karol Gajda. Now you hear this a lot on blogs, but I’m really, genuinely totally delighted to have an interview with Adam (known as Baker to his friends 🙂 ) here on Business Plus Baby….

  • So Baker, where did the idea for the Only 72 sales come from?

Actually, the idea for Only72 isn’t new at all – it’s been around for a long, long time. My friend Karol Gajda picked up the idea from a marketing book written in the 1920’s. He put together a couple dozens smaller books and guides in the minimalist niche together and offered them at a HUGE discount a little over a year ago.

I was actually in that first sale with one of my books – and saw how incredibly great it was for authors, customers, and Karol who hosted it. After the sale, I approached Karol about making the sale BIGGER and taking it into other niches where people could benefit from access to all these great courses.

  • In the Only 72 sales you’ve included ebooks/videos from top bloggers (my personal favourites being Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and David Risley, as well as you of course!) What’s your advice for someone who wants to approach a big name in their market but who only has a small audience at the moment?

You’ve got to find a way to help people. That’s the best networking tip there is in the book.

Most people are nervous when approaching people they consider “busy” or “important,” but 95% of the time those people aren’t any different than you. The majority of people ask themselves, “How can Pat Flynn help me?” and you should be asking, “How in the world can I REALLY help Pat Flynn?”

Once you find a genuine way you can help someone, I’d just reach out. Be concise, polite, and most importantly down-to-earth. You’re more likely to win friends by being yourself and not putting them on a unnecessary “plateau.” 🙂

  • You earn your living flexibly while spending lots of time with your family and travelling the world all at the same time. Business Plus Baby’s readers are also working hard to build a business that fits around their children, so what would be your key piece of advice for them?

Holy cow, I think I’d be better off taking advice from BPB readers! I’m certainly no parenting expert, but I am glad I have the flexibility to do what I do as a family.

My biggest suggestion is to be RUTHLESSLY clear with what freedom means in your own life. Define that for you and your own family as specifically as you possibly can.

Next, lower your overhead. This is the #1 mistake I see people make. It’s very difficult to travel, start a business, grow a community, etc… when you have have an inflated mortgage, a house full of stuff, and financial upkeep that keeps you trapped.

Lowering your overhead (in both finances, physical stuff, and stress) gives you the flexibility to take steps to align your current life with the definition of the “free” life you want. 🙂

Thank you Baker!

Don’t forget that Only 72 ends this Thursday, so go over and take a look!

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