Create a marketing quiz the easy way

Have you ever considered making a quiz as part of your marketing strategy? If that’s something you’d like to explore, read on because I’m going to show you how to create a quiz quickly and simply with Typeform.

So why are quizzes so good for marketing? They can help you collect leads, because you ask for an email address before the user takes the quiz. They are also great for engaging with your audience. A quick look around Facebook will show you that people enjoy taking quizzes and sharing the results with their friends.

Not so long ago a downloadable report or ebook was great for generating leads and while these can still work, they don’t grab attention as they once did. Information isn’t exactly in short supply online, so social media users want to have fun, connect with friends and pass some time instead. Even if you feel your role is to educate rather than to entertain you may find your audience responds better to ‘edutainment’ than straightforward information. A quiz ticks all these boxes (see what I did there?!).

I’d created online forms before, but my quiz creation had never got beyond downloadable PDFs. I’d always assumed quiz creation would be a time-consuming, fiddly process, so Typeform was a pleasant surprise. The first thing I noticed when I created my account was the very simple, clean interface. That might sound like a minor design detail, but I often get that “Sigh, that’s something else to learn” feeling when I sign up to a new platform and I’m faced with lots of features, especially the pop-up walk throughs. Not with Typeform.

Quizzes also need to be quick from the end-user’s point of view if they are going to answer all the questions and share with their friends. I checked out an example quiz and found it very quick and intuitive to fill in. I didn’t even need a mouse, I just typed and hit the enter key.

typeform quiz

Then, I created my own quiz based on a template. The template was a ‘ready made’ quiz and I just had edit the questions and answers to change them to my own:

As you can see, you can have multiple choice, drop-down, picture and long or short text questions as well as many other types. You can even take payments if you want. This could be really useful if you’re getting started with online selling but aren’t ready for a full e-commerce solution yet.

typeform quiz builder

If you’re wondering what this all costs, well I was too! The free plan gives you plenty of opportunities to get to know Typeform and decide if it’s for you, and you can unlock Pro features by upgrading if you want to. The paid plans start from £24 a month which is very reasonable considering all the features available, including the ability to send data to 500+ apps including Zapier. This price includes other types of form besides quizzes, including branding questionnaires, customer surveys, event registration forms, application forms, contact forms and many more.

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