How to Make Money From Your Land

Land is always a good investment. While the prices can fluctuate, it’s rarely a bad idea to have a lot of land in your portfolio. Not only is land a sound long-term place to invest your money, but they can also help bring in a pretty sizeable side-income, if you’re willing to put the land to use and start generating money. But what are the best ways to put your land to use? While it’ll depend on how much you have and where it’s located, there are some tried and tested ways, as we’ll see below.

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Growing Vegetables

There’s been a big shift in recent years when it comes to our food, and, more specifically, where it comes from. People are beginning to realise that the stuff they buy in the big supermarkets isn’t necessarily the best — or the cheapest — option out there. If you’ve got land and are willing to put some time into learning how to grow delicious vegetables and fruits, then you’ll find that there’s plenty of opportunities to bring in the cash. Along with selling your food directly to the public at markets and the like, you’ll also want to look at selling directly to cafes and restaurants — they know that fresher ingredients make a big difference to the overall quality of their meals.

Community Gardens

If you’re not willing to dedicate too much of your time to growing vegetables — and it does take time if you want to grow enough to build a reliable income stream — then why not look at opening your space up to the public? There’s something of a shortage when it comes to public allotments. People want a space to grow their own vegetables, but there’s nowhere for them to do it. If you have more than enough land, look at subdividing it into plots and renting them out to people. You won’t make a tonne of money, but you will be providing something of a public service to people who want it.


The above suggestions will work if you’ve got a lot of clear land, but what if your land isn’t clear, and, instead, you have trees? If this is the case, then timber harvesting may be the right way to go. You’ll be able to sell the wood from your trees to private individuals and industries, from which you can bring in a considerable income. You’ll want to carefully manage your forest, however, to ensure that you’re able to build a long-term business. It can be sustainable if you approach it with thought and care.

Overnight Stays

Want to make the most of your land, bring in money, and meet new people all the time? Then look at setting up a campsite. It’s a wonderfully simple thing to do — just divide up your land into tent pitching sites, set your rate, and wait. Of course, that’s the rustic approach to camping. If you want to make it slightly more luxurious, then you can add showers and other conveniences. As an alternative to camping, you can also think about setting up a bed and breakfast. People love getting out of the cities and into nature! This does require more effort, however — but will be deemed as a more agreeable way to make an income to some people.

Hosting Events

As well as spending a night out of the city, people love to host events out of the city, too. For starters, prices are generally cheaper, and the whole ambiance is generally improved. When you’re in nature, you can make as much noise as you want, it’s just you and your guests, it’s more magical, and so on. If you’ve got land, then look at opening it up for hosting events such as weddings, parties, music shows, and the like. You’ll get much satisfaction from being part of something awesome! For this, you’ll want to work with experts so that you can design a romantic, inspiring space.

Looking After Pets

Animal lover? Then take that love and start a business that helps people out and ensures you’re always surrounded by fuzzy creatures. A large lot of land is an ideal space for letting dogs run through, or for housing cats, or, if you have experience, even setting up horse stables. You’ll want to start small since it can be a lot of hard work, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that you can earn a decent amount of money — people need quality pet sitters more than you’d think, and are happy to pay for it.


Practical Tips For Creating a Home Office Space

So many people are realizing the benefits of home working, whether it be for the flexible hours or for the chance to be around family more. Sometimes it can be through an employer that allows you to work from home, or it can be because you are growing your own business. Whatever the reason, though, you will want to make sure that you are creating a home working space that helps you to be productive, as well as helps you to work around kids or other commitments. Space, for many of us, is going to be at a premium. But there are numerous benefits to making sure that you’re able to create a great working space. You want to be able to separate your working life and your home life a little, in order to be as productive as possible.

So with that in mind, here are some great tips to help you to manage your home working space, and to create one that will help you to be as productive as you can be, and allow you to grow your business in the best possible way.

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Business Phone

If you have a business where people will need to call you to book things or customers will need to call you for other reasons, then having a separate phone for just business use is a really good idea. It could be a phone line to the house, but that is trickier, especially if you are going to set yourself specific business hours to work. A cell phone for only work related things means that it can be switched off when you’re not ‘open for business,’ and it can help you to be as productive as possible when you are working. You won’t need your personal phone nearby, so won’t get distracted by personal texts, emails, or social media notifications.

Keep It Comfy

Comfort is going to be one of the key things when you’re working from home. You will want to be able to get your work done productivity and that can be done when your working space is a comfortable place to be. It can start with your table or desk and then move to your chair; are they both comfortable enough for you? Does your back ache when you start to do work or your legs hurt, for instance? If that is the case, then no doubt you need to give yourself some more regular breaks, but you also need to make sure that you have the right equipment that is going to be comfortable and going to support you enough.

Clean and Organized

If it takes you a long time to find someone’s order or their details, simply because your workspace is not organized enough, then it is not doing good things for your productivity. So starting off with a workspace that is organized is number one. It could be that you just need to take some time to arrange a filing cabinet or storage, or just create better files on your computer so you know where things are. When you have a tidy and neat space, it does wonders for your mindset and does help you to work better.

Having a space that is clean as well as tidy is a must too. It can help you to be more productive, and you’re less likely to keep thinking about the chores that you have to do, but it also makes it a healthier and more hygienic place to be. And when you are around fewer germs, it means less sick days or time when you won’t be able to work. Along similar lines it is a good idea to check on pest control as soon as you can too. They are called pests for a reason, and if they are infesting your home, then it can mean time out of working, as well as things getting destroyed which is not going to be a good thing for your home based business, at all.

Set Office Hours

When you work from home it is so important to make sure that you can create a good work and life balance. When you have home life around you, it can be tricky to put down the laptop or work phone and vice versa, so you need to make sure that you set yourself office hours for when you do and don’t work. The flexibility of working from home is great, but you need to make sure that you decide how long you will spend working and when that will be, otherwise it can take over and then you don’t have a good work life balance. When you have working hours your children might know to not interrupt you at that time, for example, and it can help you to plan your time better when you know what you will be doing each day and when.

Daily Routine

On a similar note, having a routine each day is really important to help you to stay on task and get things done all that you want to. When you avoid getting sidetracked as you have a routine and focus, you will focus on things and get things done on the day and when it needs to be done. It is important to check a schedule for yourself and make sure that you are able to stick to it. Some days will change as to what needs to be done each day, but having a list of things that needs to be done is really important.

Use Space Wisely

If your office is limited on space then it is important to make the most of any vertical space that is available to you. When you use the available space well, it will help you to keep the space organized and help you to be as productive as possible. Floating shelves, for example, are a great way to keep things organized without having to use up any more floor space, such as what a bulk bookcase would do.

How To Avoid Having To Fire Employees

No boss who runs a business ever wants to fire an employee. For multiple reasons this is a detriment to the goals that you have to growing and expanding. For one thing, employees have been hired for a reason and that is because they met your requirements. So they were good enough to get their foot in the door and sell themselves to you. Having to fire someone who met the standard for being hired is never easy. Another reason is that, employees who have amazing skills and temperaments to really make a big impact in your business are very hard to come by. You have also invested a lot of time and money in training them and nurturing them to be better at their roles. Yet, having to fire someone isn’t always going to be because they essentially did something wrong with regards to your company rules. A lot the time it’s out of your hands or potentially could be out of your hands, so avoiding this altogether is ideal.


Negligence is sometimes not forgivable

Nowadays, workers rights are at the forefront of every business. Health and safety especially remains a hot topic of discussion and law. When an employee does something dangerous toward another employee, even if it wasn’t intentional and the employee doesn’t take it personally, you may still need to let that person go. One example is in manufacturing facilities. If an employee started a machine when another employee was either in the way of moving parts or was not aware they were close to moving parts, then this is a potentially life and death accident waiting to happen. In this regard, professional health and safety training such as, would actually help employees to understand a different mindset. This would allow them to avoid such accidents, and make sure their cautious brain is switched on. Even if procedures are in place such as checking and double checking certain things, employees need to have a conscious mind of their own actions.

Behaviour in public

In the world of business, there are many things you should simply not do. One of them is being publicly seen as berating a customer, or perhaps doing something that is insulting. An example of this would be if you were in a foreign country and one of your employees did something to offend that nation’s culture. This could be touching a monument to the dead, or perhaps even disrespecting the flag of that country in some way. To save face and to not lose so many customers, you may need to fire that employee to make a public showing that you do not endorse their actions. It’s not nice but sometimes you do have to sacrifice those that offended a massive amount of people, to lessen the backlash to your company. To avoid this you should give the employees instructions on how to behave. Inform them of the things that could land them in hot water that they might not know about, regarding different countries and cultures.

There are some situations that make it difficult being the boss. You have to fire employees who endanger others and sometimes make a fool of your business in public. There are ways to avoid this however, so be proactive in this sense.


Home Businesses That Are Suitable for Young Moms

If you are a young mother, chances are that you want to make the most out of your productive time. You might feel tired in the afternoon and have a power nap, but in the morning you have some time after the walks and getting the house in order. No matter if you want to top up your income or just make more out of your life than being a full time homemaker, you will find some flexible business ideas that will work around your child. Find out more about them below.


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You don’t have to leave the house to run your business. As a mother, you will be able to provide childcare for other moms who are not fortunate enough to be able to manage work and family life by staying at home. You can set up your childcare business with one or two children a couple of days a week, and grow it into a full time job later on, when your own kids grow older.


In case you only have a couple of hours to spare here and then, but still would like to stay creative, you will have to focus on the work at hand, you can start your own blog on a budget. The more engagement you can create, the more popular your site will become, and the more chances you will have to get sponsored posts or advertisers on board. This will give you a steady income for years to come, but don’t expect miracles in the first few weeks. Blogging is hard work to start with.

VA Services

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In case you have been working in an office for a while, and have some experience in administration, using various systems, and managing your own time and workload, you can also become a virtual assistant. You can specialize in different business areas, such as social media management, content creation, graphic design, or accounting. At the end of the day, you will be able to do what you enjoy without having to leave your house and take care of your little ones.

Affiliate Marketing

In case you are not confident that you can commit to blogging all the time or set working hours, affiliate marketing might be another avenue to consider. It is crucial that you familiarize yourself with the different online marketing methods, so you can make the most out of your promotions and improve your conversions continuously.


It is important that you take the guesswork out of running your business whenever you can. This means that you should try a proven and tested business model. If you buy into a franchise, you will get all the support, tools, and process maps you need to succeed. You can find out more about this option at Lime Licensing and decide whether or not this option is your safest bet.

If you are thinking about starting a business with young kids, it is important that you know your limitations and improve your skills while reducing the risks of running your own venture.

Striking A Balance

When you work from home either as a solopreneur or because of a negotiated agreement with your work, it can sometimes feel like you’re caught in a twilight world – not quite office-based professional, but not quite ready to sit around in your pyjamas all day. This feeling can become even more exaggerated when you have extra duties to take care of, such as taking kids to school, or the child minder and you always have one eye on the clock.

How can you make working from home feel normal and retain a degree of professionalism? We take a look at some top tips to get home and remote workers in the right frame of mind.

Accept Reality

You might really want to do and achieve everything, but the truth is that’s going to be easier said than done and there are times when something has to give. If you feel like you’re constantly failing to live up to your own or other’s expectations, then it’s time to rethink those expectations. If you have a limited number of hours in your working day, then you will have to accept that there is only so much you can do. Once you accept this, you’ll find it far easier to prioritise a time sensitive such as organising your digital printing from over replying to an email that can wait until tomorrow.

And it’s creating priorities which is at the heart of working from home. This can be made easier with a solid routine in place, avoiding that feeling of panic when you walk back through the door after the school run and wondering how your day is going to unfold.

Be Even More Organised

Home workers need to be even more organised than their office-based counterparts. With no one there to remind you, those phone conferences can be easily forgotten. And because you are away from colleagues, there are likely to be even more of them. Whether you live for the smell of new stationery or love an app that syncs all your calendars, make sure you keep up to date with tasks.

Remember You

You are more than just a worker and parent, you are still you and there are times when you need to make your mental and physical health top priority. You won’t function properly as either a worker or a parent if you’re not feeling great, so make sure you put yourself first every now and again. Take a break from the screen and go for a walk, hand over the baby and go for a run, just whatever it takes to restore a little equilibrium in your life.

There are so many advantages for home-based working but some key concepts that need to be put into place before you find yourself lost in a sea of emails and deadlines. Choose priorities that make your life easier and place your well being at the top of the agenda for a work life balance that doesn’t neglect either side.

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