How to Balance University with Childcare

As a mum, it can seem like you don’t have time for anything. Often the main carer in the family, you may find your time occupied by washing and feeding the child, taking them to kindergarten or school, making sure they do their own tasks and cleaning up after them.. After all that, we don’t blame you if all you want to do afterwards is pour yourself a large glass of wine and watch TV. We are more than just mums, however, with plenty of personal and professional aims of our own.

It is well-known that mums often exit the workplace after taking on child-caring responsibilities. In the USA for example, 43% of women with children leave the workplace. There are ways to get back on that horse, however, including re-training, returning to old jobs and branching out with new experiences and opportunities. One key way could be learning a new degree, but the question you may be asking yourself is: can I balance both university education with childcare?

The simple answer is: yes. The longer and more difficult answer is: yes, but with a lot of planning and working around your own schedule.

Consider a Part-Time Course

There’s no need to dive straight into an intensive one year or three year course. Universities offer the opportunity to take part in longer part-time courses that work around your busy schedule. If you have a young child that you can send to bed early, then there’s no reason why you can’t then use that free evening to get on some courses. The added benefit of a part-time course is it spreads costs out over a longer time, allowing you to find a budget that works for you and doesn’t interfere with providing for your child.

Consider Online Learning

Online learning has grown in popularity in recent years, and is seeing a higher uptake in enrolment year on year than traditional learning. At an institution such as, you can take courses fully online, meaning that you can work it around your schedule as opposed to having to spend time and money commuting and attending in-person lectures. The little one may have an emergency that needs to be attended to mid-studies, but at least with an online course you will be able to attend to that quickly and swiftly before getting back into your work.

Lean on The Help of Others

Never be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s contacting friends or family to look after your child, or looking into government programs in your area that assist with mothers returning to education, fully survey your options to make your university education a success.

This is also the time when your partner should be stepping up and taking on more parental responsibilities. Perhaps they have some time-off that they haven’t taken this year, or they have the flexibility to work from home. Have a long discussion with them in order to see what they can do to make your university education a much less stressful experience.

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Market Research: How to Know Exactly What Your Customers Want Prior to Developing the Product

Before a company rolls out a new product, they often turn to market research and sometimes utilize the services of marketing research companies prior to development. There a few different ways to go about doing market research, and the manner used may depend on the product being offered and the ideal customer base. This article will go over a few different options for market research so a company can make sure their product has a chance at being a winner.

Quantitative Research is a Marketing Science

When it comes to marketing topics such as beauty market research, companies may need to get the customer’s opinions prior to product development. Aspects they may need customer opinions on include topics such as makeup shades, the case the makeup comes in, or even the scent of the makeup item. Marketing companies offer quantitative research services and help companies analyze data and statistics so that they can make an educated decision when it comes to producing and marketing new products.

Data used in marketing research can include information from competitors. By analyzing the product sales and trends of some of the competition, a company can see if the product is a good seller or not. While doing research, it’s important to determine if the product will be unique or if there are already similar products out on the market. Another question to research prior to production is what the price point should be. If it costs three dollars to make a product and the marketing research has found that the price point of the item should be two dollars, this can let a company know that the quantitative research has shown that producing this product could be a bad investment.

Get the Marketing Opinions of The Right People

Make sure that the right type of customer is being heard. For example, there’s really no point in getting an elderly gentleman’s opinion on lip gloss if the target audience is teenage girls. It makes much more sense to make sure the opinions are coming from the type of people who the manufacturer believes will end up purchasing the item or product. This is why many companies ask for the customer’s demographic information before capturing customer opinions. Marketing companies may ask for a person’s age, gender, income level, level of education, their highest level of education, marital status, and more just to make sure they are targeting the right person and listening to the right opinion.

Why Market Research is Important

It’s important to do market research before producing a new product, as product production isn’t free. If a company spends all of its funds developing a new product and then the product doesn’t sell, the company’s money has been wasted. Market research can mean the difference between a company going under due to bad investments and a company flourishing in profits as they developed products that customers are excited to buy.

In conclusion, marketing research is a fascinating science that a company should utilize prior to developing new products. This can help determine if the item will be profitable or if the company should move on to developing a different product. If a new business finds the process overwhelming, there are professional marketing companies out there that can be of help in collecting customer opinions and organizing marketing data.

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Workplace Psychology: Are We More Productive in a Group?

Companies create teams to complete more collaborations and maximize their projects. Many workers complete projects more efficiently by working in groups instead of alone. It is great for company morale for the workers to work together and get a chance to socialize. Studies show that the workers get more finished each day if they aren’t separated and get a chance to complete the projects as a team. Psychology shows how team projects improve how the company operates.

Improving Worker Productivity

Studies show that workers that complete projects in groups increase their productivity levels and get more finished each day. Higher worker productivity levels mean that the business gets more work completed for their clients and generates higher profits. When reviewing the ways to improve productivity levels, businesses discover that group collaborations offer better benefits overall. Business owners can learn more about a coworking office space and its benefits by contacting a service provider now.

Increasing Worker Performance and Project Completion

By allowing the workers to complete projects as a group, their work performance improves because they aren’t left to their own devices. Many workers need social interactions to make the day go by faster and keep them working on projects. If they do not get the social interactions they need, the workers may lose focus and face difficulties concentrating on each task. Some projects may seem a little overwhelming if they take on the tasks by themselves. Group collaborations allow workers to complete sections of the projects that are familiar that come naturally to the workers.

Cultivating New Skills

By working in groups, the workers may cultivate new skills and learn something new each day. Some workers may have more complex training and teach others how to complete vital services for the clients. The cultivation of new skills helps the workers become better assets for the company. Workers may develop skill sets that allow them to advance in their careers and complete more complex projects for the clients. It is terrific if workers learn new skills that can be applied to company projects and improve the services the business offers to the clients.

Easier Way to Identify Individual Strengths and Weaknesses

Workers discover their own strengths and weaknesses when working in groups, and by working with others, they can improve their weaknesses and build on their existing strengths. The company can assess its workers and determine how well they work in groups if the company wants to create teams later for special projects. These assessments may also show the business owner what workers need more training on specific project types.

Keeping Workers More Focused and On Task

Workers that complete assignments in groups stay focused on the task at hand, and they work together to complete the projects. The business could complete more projects in a shorter amount of time. Instead of working solo, the workers can rely on each other and get help as needed to finish the projects. They aren’t facing all the project requirements on their own and this can take the stress out of the job. The workers get the projects to the clients at a steady pace, and they don’t make mistakes that could prove costly for the company.

Companies discover that by allowing workers to complete projects together the projects are of a higher quality, and the workers complete the projects in a more timely manner. They don’t feel overwhelmed, and the company generates more profits.

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Directory Submission for Small Business Owners: Still Relevant in 2020?

Business directories offer information about businesses throughout the world, and they give brief details about the business and gives the audience a chance to choose them. The listings require branded materials to generate name recognition and make it easier for customers to find the products and services they need. The directories continue to be relevant parts of digital marketing and offer a cost-effective choice for businesses even if they have a more modest budget.

Easy to Set Up Services

The business directory is easy to set up, and the business gets an immediate listing on the directory. Anyone who searches the internet can find the directory and the business. It’s a beneficial choice for placing the business in front of a larger audience. The directory presents brief details about the businesses, but they offer enough information to allow consumers to decide if they want to visit the establishment. Dental practices can learn more about using these Dental Directories by signing up for the services now.

They Increase Exposure to the Public

An increase in exposure online places the business in front of more potential customers. A larger audience helps the business more profitable, and they generate more leads by increasing their web presence. They can set up a listing on the directory and capture the attention of many internet users who are looking for services or products that the business provides. The business directories are a low-cost option for increasing their web presence and ensuring that their listing is in front of more people that could become customers.

Attract More Customers

By attracting more customers, the business becomes more successful and ensures high profits. Business directories are a beneficial way to attract more customers and generate more leads. The directors provide a map that shows the visitors how to get to the business and acquire the services or products offered by the providers. The listings are geo-tagged to help local customers find businesses that accommodate their needs.

Increase Traffic to Their Website

An increase in website traffic sends more visitors to the website and presents them with detailed information about the business. Once the visitors are lead to the website, the business must dazzle visitors and give them useful information. The information on the business listing must provide visitors about the business and make them want more information. As long as the content on the website is useful and appealing, the visitors will stay on the website long enough to purchase products or hire the company for their services.

Increasing Conversion Rates

Conversion rates increase when visitors decide to hire the business or purchase their products. The digital marketing efforts must encourage the customers to choose the business over their competition. A business directory is still relevant and provides a real opportunity to increase conversion rates and presents a simple strategy that is effective.

Business directories are terrific ways to increase the company’s business presence. If they have a website and social media profiles, they still need a listing on local business directories. The listing shows locals that the company is still relevant to their local audience. Consumers will continue to search for local directories when they need services or products closer to home. Companies that choose to set up the business listing can expand their online presence and place the business in more locations throughout the internet.

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Two simple ways to build your small business brand

Branding is important. Your brand is what helps people to remember that your company exists. When you get your branding right, yours is one of the firms a potential client will think of the next time, they need a product or service that you sell.

An awful lot of small business owners do not fully appreciate the importance of branding. Even those that do recognise its importance often believe that building a strong brand is an expense that they cannot afford. In reality, as you will see, you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money or time on branding. Here are a couple of simple ways to get your brand out there.

Give out branded gifts

This first suggestion sounds a bit old-fashioned, which it is. But virtually every large firm still does it for the simple reason that it is a highly effective way of raising brand awareness. For more than a hundred years, firms have been giving their customers gifts that feature their logo and business names. You can do the same. But try to make those gifts useful items that people will use. For example,  branded UK face masks are not expensive to buy and there is a strong possibility that they will be worn. That is great because it gets your brand out there more. It also casts your company in a positive light. The fact that you are giving away face masks is a strong indication that you care about your community.

Advertise in different places

Advertising is important for any business. The more you do it, the stronger your brand will be. You should focus your advertising on those mediums that you know your potential clients will see. For example, if your service is aimed at busy mums, you could advertise in the cafes that you know they frequent. The owner may let you leave some discount leaflets on the counter. Or, perhaps, for a fee, add your advert to their menu.

This is great, but it is also always worth advertising in other places too, especially if you can place your ad for free. Placing an ad in the classifieds is a good example.

Most free papers do not charge for small ads, nor do many online classified ads platforms or social media groups. Whilst the busy mums who are your potential clients may not see those particular ads, there is a good chance that their parents will. It is another way for your target audience to learn about you.

Use this list of 40 free ways to get free advertising to identify the best opportunities for your business. Then read this short article to learn how to write an effective classified advert.

If you do decide to put either of these ideas into action just remember to be consistent and professional. Stick to the same logo and colours. Make sure that you only give out good quality products and that your advertising copy reads well and looks professional.