Buying Vs Hiring: Which is The Best Remedy for Your Generator Problems

It can be upsetting to have your power go off when you need it most. But power failure is a tragedy any savvy home or business owner should be prepared for. No one wants to lose revenue due to a blackout or have their party ruined because of an outage.  Luckily, there’s a simple remedy for it; a backup power source— most times a generator. There are different types of these, the most popular ones being the diesel generators which are an economical and convenient option.

But which is the most cost-effective solution— a hire or a purchase? Well, whether you settle for a purchase or a rental will depend on several factors from availability to finances and maintenance, but eventually, it’s you to determine what will work best.

While there are indeed a few advantages that come with a rental generator, discover why buying will save you more dollars in the long run.

The Many Perks of a Purchase

 1-Instant Automatic Backup for Your Home

Power cuts can ruin your entire life at home; and lack of electricity means no lighting, no power for entertainment equipment, no security, and you won’t be able to use all your electronic household appliances.

Having a personal diesel generator, and not depending on rentals, makes sure you have immediate household backup power. You can have a technician make an automatic connection made such that your generator kicks into action as soon as your home power cuts, so your food stays fresh, security systems stay live, and those with health concerns involving the use of electrically-powered medical gadgets are not in danger.

 2-An Extra Layer of Insurance for Your Businesses

You know well your business needs and what a few hours of blackout could to your bottom line.  Think how much you’ll have lost by the time you order and have the backup power source installed and you’ll realize buying your own is a solid investment.

Apart from instant backup power, a personal generator adds another layer of insurance to your business by making sure you stay in operation uninterrupted. That way, revenue that’s strictly dependent on power supply keeps flowing in. All firms that offer online services, malls, farming, mining, farming, hospitals services (mostly those that power life-saving machines) or business that serve in areas prone to power failure, can depend on generators.

Furthermore, generators also offer protection from voltage fluctuations in power grid to safeguard delicate equipment from sudden failure. Having a standby generator gives your businesses a competitive edge.

3-The Cost-Effective remedy

In the long run, you’ll realize buying your home or business generator is a cheaper alternative. Hires can be expensive, depending on how frequent you’ll need one, the supplier’s rates and many other factors.

Some hires don’t offer transport so that’s an extra cost you’ll need to cover. Plus, any extra fuel will go back with the generator vs. when you have your own where you can save it for next time. Lastly, some vendors will make you pay for complex installations like load sharing generators and use exorbitant payment models like hourly rates.

4-No restrictions on Size or Different Power Demands

Buying your diesel generator allows you to select your size— one that will serve your different power needs; both low and high. Sometimes it is not easy getting the right rental generator for your needs when you need it, yet some of your demands are time conscious, and power failure is unpredictable. Owning your generator ensures you don’t experience delays waiting for backup power.

5-Safety for Homes in Areas Prone to Power Failures

Severe climates like floods, tornados, and hurricanes suffer frequent blackouts. If your area experiences these weather conditions, then a power outage is the next worst thing that can happen to you. Having a generator can help you power portable heaters or a furnace to warm up the entire family.

Coastal regions are prone to such climate conditions— so a diesel generator is a must-have. Plus, it needs to be set up correctly and on standby for emergencies instead of waiting for last-minute hires when severe seasons are around the corner. Though you’ll have to cater for maintenance costs, a purchase remains the most economical and safest solution for your case.

The few perks of a rental generator

  • Support Services— An excellent generator rental offers field support right to your doorstep. So it is a safer and faster remedy for if you know little about generators.
  • No Maintenance costs- Generators require maintenance from time to time depending on how much work they do. With rentals, you don’t have to worry about maintenance at all.
  • High-performance generators- rental companies work to ensure their customers are getting the best generators— industry latest models to provide convenience.
  • You get to test Before You Buy- some service providers agree to sell you rental generators under special terms. Or if you have been looking to buy one, a hire is an excellent way to test the model you’re eyeing before you make the purchase.

 The Verdict

Whether you buy or rent is your decision. But the choice should be determined by many factors including:

  • How often do you need the generator?
  • How stable is your power?
  • Do you have technicians who can monitor your generators, or are you willing to outsource one all the time?
  • How much harm can an outage do to your company’s bottom line?
  • Which decision is more economical for your business or home

Still, you will realize buying is cheaper.  But be sure to scrutinize your service provider if you have to go with rentals. Compare rates vs service quality, look for nearby suppliers so that you reduce time wastage due to long waits.

Wrapping Up

Backup power is a necessity you can’t ignore, don’t wait for a power cut only to start running up and down trying to make a desperate order. Late deliveries can be more harmful than helpful especially in cases where the demand is an emergency.


Sometimes, Success is All About How You Feel: 5 Areas of Your Life You Should Consider Investing in to Improve Your Self-Esteem

The value of self-esteem cannot be overstressed. It’s very rare to become successful when you’re not confident in yourself. In fact, you may even begin hating life itself.

You’ll feel like an outcast, or an unwanted omen. So, you end up distancing yourself from other people and spending more and more time alone. The longer this goes on, the lonelier you’ll become and in the end you may wind up a miserable person who doesn’t want to be seen in public. Unfortunately, this can even spread into your family.  That’s how bad low self-esteem is.

The good thing is that you can do something about that self-consciousness. Yes, you can fill that emptiness within you with useful virtues and that self hate with warming love. Here are five ways to get started;

1. Learn to accept imperfection

For many people, it’s simply unacceptable to be imperfect, especially when other people seem to be doing so well. To improve your self confidence, the first lesson you need to learn is that everyone is imperfect. Read about it; there are hundreds of books dedicated to the topic. You’ll discover that you’re doing a lot better than many people out there and that you need to be grateful and proud of where you are.

2. Realize that your situation isn’t irredeemable  

After accepting that imperfection is a myth, the next step is to overcome your defeatist mentality. Whether it’s your weight, performance in class, or making friends, in most cases, you’ll realize that there are things you can do to improve your situation. Of course, sometimes there may be nothing you can do. But, such situations are extremely rare.

3. Improve what you can

This is the fun part that could truly set you on the path to a fulfilling, enjoyable life. Once you understand that your situation isn’t irredeemable, set out on a journey in search of ways to reverse whatever might be weighing you down. Is it your weight? You can easily shade off some pounds. Or is it your grades? You definitely can work on those too. Or, you can buy the affordable but extremely classy Peugeot 308 if you feel that your current car isn’t making you feel proud about yourself.

4. Find alternative strengths to focus on

As we mentioned earlier, some situations may be difficult or straight out impossible to reverse. If this is the case or if you realize that you’re drowning even further in your pursuit for solutions, a great idea is to shift focus. Find other things that matter to you; things that make you happy, and focus on them. This positive energy will give you newfound freedom.

5. Exercise the mind, body, and soul

Finally, to build your self esteem, you also need to invest in body and soul practices. These are practices that have been shown to help us connect with ourselves better. They include; exercising, getting plenty of sleep, breathing deeply, being grateful for every good deed, doing yoga, sleeping more, spending time with loved ones, and eating healthy.

Try Them Now

These five tips will, without doubt, put you on the path to self-rediscovery and help you overcome your confidence issues.

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Your Passport to Corporate Success: Have You Seen These 5 Industry-Grade Business Presentation Tools?

For years, PowerPoint has been the go-to tool for business presentations. However, it has also made these presentations all too routine. It can be challenging to get and keep the attention of your audience when you show them mundane slides that are full of bullet points. For some scenarios this can be a useful tool; however, there are a ton of other solutions for business presentations that can help to communicate your ideas and engage your audience. Here are five of the most popular industry-grade presentation tools that you can utilize to bring the spark back to your business presentations.


 A cloud-based presentation tool, Visme allows you to create highly visual presentations that will engage viewers and effectively communicate your ideas. The program features an easy to use, intuitive, drag-and-drop method to help you build your business presentations. The business version of the software program prioritizes brand consistency and company-wide image storage. Visme also provides a built-in analytics system, so you can see who has watched your presentation and who have finished it.

Haiku Deck

 Haiku Deck is a business presentation program that prioritizes simplicity. With it, you can create elegant, basic presentations with high-quality images. Incorporating high-quality photos in your presentation will help the information stick in the minds of your audience, according to Forbes. The programs, spartan approach will allow you to better connect with your audience rather than losing them in information overload.

Beautiful AI

 With their easy to use smart templates, Beautiful AI allows you to instantly visualize your ideas, without needing a background in design. Beautiful AI is the presentation software with loads of cool features, including a “Design AI” that automatically changes fonts, animates slides, and lines up text boxes, so you can focus on creating the best content for your presentation. With Beautiful AI, you will never have to worry about creating lean, modern, and professional looking presentations.


 An online platform, Canva provides templates for a wide range of business-related publications, including resumes, business cards, newsletters, brochures, media kits, and infographics, as well as being able to be used to create presentations. It allows you to upload your own images, or use from the more than one million of Canva’s stock images. Small businesses with limited budgets will enjoy the free version of the program that is equipped with all of the features.


 One of the best cloud-based presentation creation tools on the market, according to the experts at Lifehacker, Prezi is a template based program that allows you to create engaging and persuasive presentations with unique movement between key points and slides. The software can map out your entire presentation on an overall track that you choose. When you switch slides, the program doesn’t just advance to the next slide, and it takes the audience through the track to the point that you need to make.

If you are looking for a solution to boring PowerPoint presentations, these five alternative programs can get you on the right track to presenting impressive business presentations.

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Becoming An Entrepreneur In Your Spare Time

Are you someone with pockets of spare time throughout your days? Maybe you’ve got a spare hour or so in the evening, when the kids have gone to bed, and you’re not on call for your job anymore? Well that’s the perfect time for you to start honing your business craft, and become somewhat of an entrepreneur!

Starting a business when you’ve got an already hectic schedule doesn’t have to be impossible, and it’s not a pipe dream you constantly have to look down on! So if you’ve got a sneaky business mindset that’s constantly playing on you, now’s the time to cater to it – here’s a couple of tips for getting started.

Photo by Ellyot on Unsplash

Plan Your Social Media Posts in Advance

Social media is a great business asset, and one that entrepreneurs like you can really push to the max! Social media means you always have your proverbial finger on the audience button, and you’re right at their online doorsteps waiting for them to respond. You can simply make it easy for people to find and follow you, and better build your audience as a result.

But seeing as you’ve only got some spare time to dedicate here, and you’re never sure over how much you’ll have tomorrow, be sure to plan your posts in advance. This allows you greater freedom and creativity over what you say or show your audience, seeing as you have more time, and there’s plenty of apps out there that’ll post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and anything else for you! Check out a list here if you haven’t heard any reviews for these apps yet.

Learn Yourself a New Qualification

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and you’re going to have to do a lot of work to hone your craft. This reason alone is why you haven’t looked into this option yet – you simply don’t have the time to commit! Well, even with only a bit of spare time on your hands, you can very easily allow yourself to learn something bona fide, that’ll better qualify you for whatever business you’re thinking of starting.

The online world has a lot of resources, and you can take your pick amongst any of them. Maybe you want to learn how to knit: you can take a quick course over the rest of the week that’ll have practical demonstrations and patterns for you to use. Maybe you fancy taking on the job of opening a medical school or private doctor’s office: there’s some RN to BSN Online programs as well. You can be both casual and serious with your dreams here, so don’t hold back and think you don’t have time to follow them!

Want to be an entrepreneur? Think the kids won’t allow it? Think again! There’s plenty of methods, techniques, and resources for you to use and follow if you’ve got some big business dreams!

A Checklist for Success: 5 Things to Take Care of When Planning an Office Relocation

If you’re planning an office relocation, there are several things that you need to consider carefully before making a decision that will have a substantial impact on your business. Office relocations take a lot of planning and consideration to avoid impacting your customers, and more importantly your bottom line. Here are five of the most important things that you will need to consider before you relocate your office.

Consider the Timing of the Move

 The amount of time that you will need to find and relocate your office to a new location is proportional to how much space and amenities that you will need to keep your business functioning. The key is to allow enough time to negotiate a new lease and move before your current contract expires. According to The Spruce, the time frame for your move should be the first thing that you consider. In general, if you are moving to a space that is less than 10,000 square feet you should start your search seven to nine months ahead of time. If you need more than 10,000 square feet, you should start your search nine to 18 months before your current lease is set to expire.

Set a Budget

 When considering available office spaces, you need to establish a strict budget regarding the actual expenses for moving. You want to leave plenty of wiggle room within the budget to account for important factors that may have been overlooked during the planning stages. No matter how careful you are in planning your office relocation, there will always be surprises that you will have to deal with. The experts at Innovative Professional Offices, recommend that you make sure you have enough room in your budget for last minute expenses.

Take a Detailed Inventory

 Before you start packing away all the items in your office, perform a detailed inventory of everything that you have. As you move through the office, get rid of anything that is broken, outdated, and useless to your company. Depending on the condition that they are in you might be able to sell the unwanted items, or donate them to charity. This will allow you to save money on the cost of having to relocate these items and might even generate a little extra profit if you can sell old equipment.

Research Movers

 One of the most critical aspects of relocating an office is finding a qualified company to help you move the heavy equipment and office furniture. You want to make sure that for every moving company that you are considering, you get references for other companies that they’ve moved that are similar to yours. After you’ve conducted a pre-move survey with the potential movers, like, ask them to provide a detailed plan of action for moving your office equipment and furniture along with their estimate of the cost to perform the move.

Notify People of Your Change of Address

 When you relocate your office, it is essential that you notify people of your change of address. Be sure to fill out a change of address with the post office, tell your banks of your new address, let your vendors know where you are moving to, and inform your customers of your new location. This can be completed a week before you move to ensure that you don’t forget to notify anyone.

Relocating an office takes a lot of careful planning, and can be extremely stressful. Make sure your pending office relocation goes smoothly by keeping these five points into consideration.

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