Turning pennies into pounds: How to save your business and family money

If you’ve got enough guts to juggle a baby and a business at the same time, you already possess enough savvy to know that running a business from home doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you want to save for your family’s future or increase your business’s bottom line, you can turn pennies into pounds with these energy-saving and cost-saving measures for your home business.

Electricity prices are a main concern for most entrepreneurs whether they work from home or in an office, so it is natural to start your cost-saving quest here. To save electricity, set up your office with energy-efficient equipment, such as a three-in-one fax machine, printer, and copier. Better yet, invest in computer software that does away with the need for paper copies and mailing. You can get a comprehensive email programme that also functions as an instant messenger. And to cut down on the need to commute (which also uses costly petrol) you can get video conferencing software like Skype to keep you in contact with business partners.

If you’re setting up a business for the first time or you are revamping your overhead costs budget, it is also worth the time and effort to compare energy prices to see if you’re really getting best deal on your energy. Switching tariffs is becoming a common practice amongst homeowners and business owners who find a better rate elsewhere. Just be cautious with companies that claim that you’ll be better off with their services; sometimes they quote the highest cost for electricity in the industry, which may not apply to your situation.

You should also make sure that you have proper insulation, which is especially important during the winter. Cracks around doors and windows can let heated air out and cold air in, defeating the purpose of you turning on the heater. But in addition to a little caulk and weather stripping, you may also want to make a project out of insulating your attic or loft; nearly 15 per cent of your heat escapes upward, so reinforcing insulation here could make a big difference in your bill.

The key to saving on energy is looking in all the small places that cost you just pennies individually. For example, you could also benefit from conserving water, unplugging electronics (all over the house), and using a programmable thermostat for heating and cooling. If you keep a diligent eye on your home and its work space, you’ll be better equipped to take over the world with your baby in tow.


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