How to grow a mum-owned business: Julia tells us her story

I’m Julia, owner of which specialises in children’s luggage, travel games and family travel accessories.  Helen kindly featured me on Business Plus Baby back in August 2010 and you can read all about how I started up here.

Over 3 years later and KidsTravel2 is still going strong and we have just launched The Happy Skylark ( offering holiday gear and unusual travel gifts for grown ups.  Helen invited me back to chat about how I’ve grown the business, the challenges I’ve faced along the way and share any useful tips for other mums setting up and growing a business around bringing up their children. Continue reading “How to grow a mum-owned business: Julia tells us her story”

Small business outsourcing: How do you do it?

Today I’m attempting to answer a question from Julia Odgers of KidsTravel2. Julia asks: “It would be useful to know the first best things to look at outsourcing when you are in a growth stage as a young business. I know it will depend on your own skillset but I find it hard to balance growth with the expense of facilitating that growth.”

It’s really important to give some thought to outsourcing if you’re running a small business.

Even more so if you’re running a  business part-time, as many of us are.

It’s tempting to save money and do everything yourself, but this will seriously limit your progress. In fact you might not ever get your business started! There are so many skills you need – copywriting, marketing, PR, bookkeeping, web design, graphic design, customer service to name a few – that it could take you years to learn them all to even a basic level.

Even then, someone who does that type of work all day, every day, could do your piece of work in a fraction of the time it would take you to struggle through it yourself. Once you add in the hours of your own time, outsourcing could be far cheaper, too. Continue reading “Small business outsourcing: How do you do it?”