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  • Don’t want to return to work when your maternity leave ends?
  • Is your job too inflexible to fit around your family?
  • Is childcare going to swallow up most of your pay?
  • Don’t want to miss out on those precious first few years of your child’s life?

That was how I felt two years ago. I knew that self employment might be the answer, but I had no idea where to start. Was it even possible to run a business around a baby?

So I spoke to mums already running businesses to find out how they did it. I found out that it was possible, but there were business challenges unique to mums. Plus there are ways of making things easier for yourself. (Anything that makes life easier when you have a baby is worth trying, eh?)

I’ve taken the top ten things I wish I’d known about starting a business as a mum two years ago and put them in this ebook.

There’s no sign-up and you can either view it on screen or download it. And please do feel free to email it to a friend.

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17 Replies to “Free eBook”

    1. Hi Alison, I’m really pleased that you found the book helpful. It’s great to know that it fits with your experience 18 months down the line, too. Thanks for leaving a comment, I really do appreciate it. I always try to write useful stuff, but I never really know whether I’ve got it right or not until I get some feedback!

  1. Hi Helen – have also been up and running for a while but wanted to say the points you made are spot on – particularly number 5 about how long it may take to be able to draw an income! 18 months in turnover is doing great but I am only just drawing a monthly salary (not huge!) as the rest is still reinvested to grow the business.

    1. Thanks Julia (Kidstravel2), much appreciated! If you’re used to getting a monthly pay cheque, it’s so easy to underestimate how long it might take to get paid as a new business owner. And not having an income when you expect one can be really stressful.

  2. Hi Helen, I’ve missed you at Warwick University campus, but it’s lovely to meet you online and read your writings. You have inspired me to write more of my IT and family stories though I come from a technical background with limited English language! I do have lots of stories to tell after being an IT professional for over 20 years!
    Will meet you in another blog.

    1. Brilliant! I love inspiring people :0) Thanks for leaving me a comment, Sarah. I’m sure you have a lot to offer families online with your technical background. Have you thought of starting a ‘technology for families’ blog? There’s a HUGE amount of technology info on the internet, but it’s hard to find the right info, at the right time from someone you trust. E.g. what do I need to know about buying a new computer? How do I keep my kids safe online? What are/should be kids learning about ICT in school? I need to do XYZ – which software should I buy to do that? Is there an open source alternative?
      I think you could sell some products/training off the back off a blog like this too. And if you move countries again (always a risk as a partner of an academic?) you could take the blog with you.

  3. Thanks, Helen, for more inspiration! I’m taking your word, giving more thought, doing more research, and will take action in the near future within my capacity.
    By the way, if you want to do freelance training again, I guess you will be able to find suitable course materials from, such as ITIL, Microsoft Office, etc. Please feel free to email me if you need any of them, I’ll offer special discount as a return of your inspiration!
    God bless you and your family!

    1. You’re very welcome Sarah. Do keep me up to date with what you do – and give me a shout if you fancy doing a guest post on Business Plus Baby! Thank you very much for the offer of discounted materials, I may need them again one day :0)

  4. Hi Helen, as a mum of two year old twins I’m looking at starting an online business as a way of fitting in work with family life… just wanted to thank you for providing 10 Things.., I found the article ‘Decide what you want from your business’ particularly helpful, you’ve given me a few things to think about before setting sail on the home business journey. Off to bookmark your website, check out the FB site & sign up for ‘Starting your business on a shoestring’ as this is just what I’m doing.
    Thanks again, Karen.

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