Blog Carnival

Would you like more traffic to your blog, plus more links and more comments? How about a chance to network online around the business mum community? It’s free and will take you just a couple of minutes.

Then you need to enter the Business Mums Blog Carnival!

How to enter

  1. Pick one of the recent posts on your blog. Alternatively, write a new one and post it on your blog
  2. Email the link of that post to the host of the next blog carnival. (Click here for the schedule)
  3. The host will publish the carnival on her blog on the date in the schedule
  4. Read through the posts and  comment on a few. Comments are good because they show that the blog has readers and it helps you and the blog owner to get to know each other

If you’d like a reminder to enter the carnival every month, keep an eye on my Twitter feed or Facebook page.

You can find the Blog Carnival schedule by clicking here.

Even better, retweet my carnival tweets, share the carnival with your Facebook friends and blog about it. If we all spread the word, we’ll get more entries and more visitors to our blogs.

What to put in your post

Basically anything except a sales pitch. But if you’re stuck here are some ideas…

  • Share your knowledge e.g. if you’re an interior designer, tell us how to pick wallpaper for our hall. Children’s party entertainer? Give us some good party games.
  • Tell us about your business. How did you start? What happened next? How would you like it to develop? Who do you work with? What are you doing now?
  • Share business tips, books, websites, marketing advice, work/life balance tips, time management ideas…

Why no sales pitches? The aim of the blog carnival is for new readers to discover our blogs and then become regular visitors. For this to happen, the content needs to add value to the reader in some way, for example to be interesting, useful or entertaining. Posts that are basically sales pitches or press releases aren’t going to add any value – the chances are readers will read the first couple of lines of the post, realise what it is and not return.

Want to be a host?

Here’s what you need to do to host the blog carnival.

Blog Carnival Badges for your website

There are four colours to choose from, just pick the one you like and use the copy and paste code below to place it on your site!


blog carnival pink

<a href=""><img title="Business Mums Blog Carnival" src="" border="0" alt="Blog Carnival - Pink" /></a>


blog carnival blue

<a href=""><img title="Business Mums Blog Carnival" src="" border="0" alt="Blog Carnival - Blue" /></a>


blog carnival green

<a href=""><img title="Business Mums Blog Carnival" src="" border="0" alt="Blog Carnival - Green" /></a>


Blog Carnival - Olive

<a href=""><img title="Business Mums Blog Carnival" src="" border="0" alt="Blog Carnival - Olive" /></a>

..or go all out with the big pink badge from the top of this page!

Blog Carnival - Big Pink

<a href=""><img title="Business Mums Blog Carnival"src="" border="0" alt="Blog Carnival - Big Pink"></a>

48 Replies to “Blog Carnival”

  1. love the idea of a blog carnival to increase exposure of my little blog. Thank you so much for coming up with the idea and putting in action!!



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