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Looking for articles to help you start or grow your business?  Here are the most popular posts from the Business Plus Baby archives. Enjoy!

Business ideas

Which businesses fit around a family?

Business ideas for mums– links to lots of articles on the different business types that fit best around a family.

What to do if you can’t find your big business idea

How to turn your creative skill into a business part 1 and part 2.

How to start an online shop on a budget

Launching an iPhone app

Why aspiring work-at-home mums are vulnerable

How to make money online

If you’re looking for a business idea that will fit around your family, take a look at my book Start a Family Friendly Business

Getting started

How successful mumpreneurs started their businesses. (The list of articles starts on this page, scroll down to ‘older posts’ at the bottom to see other mumpreneurs’ stories – dads too, actually!)

Setting up an online shop: Pros and cons of each type – should you sell using eBay, Folksy, Etsy, a template website or even hire a web designer? This article weighs up the pros and cons of each option.

Why people struggle to run online shops

Quick money vs long-term business: which is right?

Dealing with the emotional side of making the leap into self employment

Can you start a business with no money?

Five reasons to buy a franchise and what you need to know before buying a franchise.

The easiest time to start a business ever. Seriously.

Ten tips for success in direct selling

Do I need a business phone line?

Do I need a business bank account?

Do I need a business plan?

Small business outsourcing: how do you do it?

Finding training venues on a budget

What’s your job title now you’re self employed? Here’s what to put on your business card.

What is a pop up shop?

Is it taking too long to get your business started?

How to grow a mum-run business: Julia tells us her story

Eight tips on how NOT to start up your work at home business

If I was starting out as a work at home mum now, here’s what I’d do…


What a niche is, why having one is such a great idea and how to find one.

Sales: are we giving it the attention it deserves?

Why branding is so important for Mumpreneurs

This is why you’re already good at marketing…

Advertising ideas for mumpreneurs

A list of mums networking groups

How to find your perfect customer

Ten ways to get free publicity for your business

The secret weapon to outpace your competition

Top 5 mistakes to avoid when designing your adverts

How to boost sales in your online shop

10 tips for market placement

5 top ways to find more clients as a freelancer

Feeling shy about getting in your local paper?

Freebies you can use to get people to sign up to your mailing list

So what is PR…exactly?

Online/internet marketing

Online business basics – a series of articles giving you the basics of promoting your business online

Business blogging: 9 things I wish I’d known when I started out

Business blogging: What’s the point of your post?

Got a website? Here’s why you need an attention-grabbing headline

Tips for promoting your blog

How to get more people to like your Facebook page

Business networking: Is Facebook or Twitter best?

Why you shouldn’t waste your money on a professional link building service

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media need a steady stream of fresh content, but how do you keep it coming? Here are lots of tips for creating a steady stream of fresh content.

Affiliate marketing basics plus a more in-depth article on affiliate marketing

Selling advertising space on your website and sponsorship

Why using audio on your blog or website is a great idea

A mindmap to help you set up a WordPress website or blog

Guest blogging for business bloggers: Where to start

Selling advertising space on your website – which stats do you need in your media pack?

Social media PR simplified

The dark side of social media

Commenting on blogs is good for business

SEO Changes – what you need to do differently now

Your top questions answered

Your first ever YouTube video: getting over the fear

Using video to sell online: how to get started

Do I need a website if I already have a Facebook page?

Maternity Pay, Allowance and Leave

Self employed? Protect your right to maternity allowance

Self employment during your maternity pay period

Self employed and thinking of starting a family?

Ten ways to stretch your maternity pay

How we survived maternity leave twice


How long until I get paid?

How to outsource when you can’t afford to

Why you CAN be a nice girl and still earn what you deserve

Why selling your time by the hour is a bad idea (and what to do about it)

Five mistakes to avoid when deciding what to charge

How to earn what you deserve as a mumpreneur – tips on earning more from some of the UK’s top mumpreneurs

Top ten tips for finding a great accountant (and why you need one)

Why and how you should take charge of your money as a woman

How to make more money as a freelancer

Why cash is king

Can I claim childcare as a business expense?

Time management and productivity

Top tips for managing your time as a mumpreneur plus more  time management tips

Get yourself more time as a work at home mum.

How your self-talk could be putting the brakes on your success

This is why your tasks take you longer than you expected…

No motivation? Here’s how to get yourself moving again

5 must-have time management tips for mompreneurs

Working from home with toddlers around – how on earth do you do it?

What to do when flexible working means you have no time to work

That’s it. No more New Year’s resolutions

The Monday Challenge – a series of posts, each breaking down a daunting task into small steps that you can try out in the coming week.

Staying successful, happy and healthy

Why comparing yourself to other mums with businesses is such a bad idea

How to grow a business if you’re an introvert

The big fat list of blogs for women business owners

How to be successful in business

How to overcome information overload

Think that being a work at home mum only happens where you live? Not true! Read about work at home mums around the world

Stuck behind your PC? Tips for getting out there and meeting people.

Is fear of failure holding you back?

Overwhelmed by business advice? Try this…

How to deal with the fear you feel when starting something new – I suffer from ‘The Doubt’ – do you? and Got self doubt? Time to phone a friend

Business run out of steam? Here’s how to get it moving again

New year goals – good idea or not?

Why you should trust yourself

Three things you can do when you’re being copied

You’re doing OK (yes really, you are.)

Video: Why the world needs you to be an entrepreneur

Be careful who your friends are

Video: Mumpreneur: exploding the myth

An easy way to stay fit as a working mum

Five steps to boost your self-confidence

Dealing with guilt as a business mum

Kids and childcare

How to cope when you miss your child’s event (and why sometimes that’s a good thing)

Using your entrepreneurial skills to inspire your kids

Childcare tips for work at home mums.

Work – life balance: Do we really need it?

7 top tactics for business owner parents

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