Digital entrepreneurs share their start up tips

Are you a budding female digital entrepreneur with aspirations of launching the next big tech venture?

If that sounds familiar, Office Genie has approached successful female startups in the UK and US in order to get advice and insights for women looking to start their own digital venture.
First up we have expert advice from US entrepreneur Pratibha Vuppuluri, founder of the tech startup KeyInsite. KeyInsite is a research and predictive analytics provider who offer data management, insights generation and analytics services.

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5 Reasons Why Women and Boutique Businesses Are a Good Match

boutique_businessIntroducing a guest post from graphic and web designer Kim Timothy of Boutique By Design. Over to you, Kim!

Not long ago, the word “boutique” evoked visions of a small, exclusive retail shop that sold women’s clothing and accessories, cosmetics, or gifts and novelties. In fact the word “boutique” derives from a French word meaning “small shop.” Many of these shops were owned by women, even in the days before women had the significant presence in the work force that they have today.

While the more traditional definitions of “boutique” are still valid, many other types of businesses these days proudly carry the “boutique” label too. “Boutique” has become a trendy descriptor for small, independent or niche/micro-niche businesses in a wide range of industries. Accordingly we have boutique hotels, boutique breweries or wineries, boutique investment firms, boutique film production companies, and so forth. Some of the businesses have brick-and-mortar retail locations or offices, some only exist online, and some have both a physical and online store. Some are strictly home-based, scaled with an online presence. Some boutique businesses are a part of much larger operations, but many remain independent. The growth of boutique businesses is a positive trend and offers many opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Here are five reasons explaining why so many women are successful in boutique businesses. As it happens, these are the very same reasons that a boutique operation is a great choice for a woman thinking of going into business. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Women and Boutique Businesses Are a Good Match”

How to do what you love, make a profit and do it fast!

If you could work for yourself, in your time, on your turf and make six figures or more, wouldn’t you want to know how to achieve that?

The truth is, as women in business we’re good at telling ourselves we can’t, we shouldn’t and we aren’t.

But what if you can, you should and you are, but you just don’t know it yet? If you believe you can’t run your solo business from your kitchen table and make a profit, you won’t.

Once you break through limiting self-beliefs, you start to see new possibilities for you and for your business.

But when you know your own worth, and learn the most effective strategies to increase your visibility, work less and live more, achieving the balanced, soloist lifestyle you dreamed of is attainable and easy.

And that’s exactly what NINE  women solo entrepreneurs  – Kate Engler, Susan Preston, Karen Gunton, Annemarie Cross, Lisa Bloom, Susan Andrewes, Kerri Baruch, Sharon Crawford and Aina Notoa – are offering to show you how to do…

…for FREE.

Click here to find out more

These nine highly successful women solo entrepreneurs from around the world have chosen to come together to ignite new possibilities in your entrepreneurial brain and reveal the most effective strategies they know for increasing your visibility and profitability without compromising on the lifestyle you promised yourself.

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