Interview with Simon Burckhardt, Managing director of Vonage UK

Simon - Vonage

The biggest difference between starting a business from home today and when I first started in 200o is the technology. Back then blogging hadn’t been invented, many people were nervous of using a credit card online and most hadn’t even heard of Paypal. Thankfully, technology has made life for small business owners much easier and cheaper than ever before. So when I got a chance to interview Simon Burckardt, managing director of ¬†internet telephony service Vonage UK , I said “yes!”

Here’s what I asked Simon…

1. Internet phones have made life so much easier and cheaper for home businesses, I remember when I first became self employed you had no choice but to get a second phone line physically installed in your home! But I find many new home business owners still aren’t aware of how much things have moved on. Can you tell us what Vonage offers to home businesses and freelancers?

When starting up a business there are so many things to think about, plan for and organise, that often the simplest things like setting up a dedicated second line does not get much thought. As a result, home-based business owners tend to go for the options they already know: getting a physical second line installed or using their mobile. Continue reading “Interview with Simon Burckhardt, Managing director of Vonage UK”

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