The Secret Weapon to Outpace Your Competition

Today’s guest post is from Kim Timothy, graphic designer and branding expert at Boutique By Design. Kim is the designer of the Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur logo, so I can recommend her personally, too! Over to you, Kim…

You have a business. You’ve worked hard to build your dream and now success is becoming a blissful reality. Problem is, the world is full of insanely talented, passionate and creative people who have sought out the exact same reality. They are your competitors and, quite frankly, they suck. But before you become discouraged and give up hope, I present the ultimate secret weapon in the form of three very powerful little words…Unique Selling Point.

A unique selling point (USP for short) is something that sets your business apart from your competition. It defines a special, memorable and exclusive offering unique only to your business. It also provides a solid reason for customers to continually choose your business over your competitors. USPs are always expressed as a single clear and concise sentence that summarizes the essence of your business and serve as the theme of your marketing.

Lets Define Your Unique Selling Point

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