Is Working From Home Getting You Down?

Working from home sounds the perfect solution if you’re a working mum. You can save time on your commute (by reducing it to…er…30 seconds!), you can work flexibly around the kids and you can even work in your pyjamas.

That’s all true, but there are downsides. It can be lonely, plus if you need to do any creative thinking, there’s nobody to bounce ideas around with. Then there’s having the self-discipline to ignore that pile of washing up. (If you got the house tidy before you started work, you’d never actually start work!)

That’s why Jelly is such a fabulous idea. Jelly is an informal co-working event where home workers, freelancers and home-based business operators get together for a day in pre-arranged venues to work, join forces and exchange tips and advice. Continue reading “Is Working From Home Getting You Down?”

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