SMS marketing is the way forward. Here’s why…

There are many different ways you can market your brand. In fact, there are so many options out there you could easily get confused! We all know that not all marketing options work for every business. But there are some that just seem to work well with any industry.

Today I’d like to talk to you about SMS marketing. As you may have guessed, it involves sending text messages to people. It’s a strategy that can be used to great effect. Here’s why:


It’s cheap

One of the main driving forces behind any business’s decision to use SMS marketing is the cost. Compared to conventional strategies, sending text messages to your clients could be very cost-effective.

You may be able to afford to spend money on a budget-busting campaign. But, would you receive the value for money that you would with SMS marketing?

It’s easy

Of course, you need don’t spend all day sending individual text messages to your clients. If you use a SMS marketing service, you can send texts out to multiple customers all at the same time. Take a look at SMS marketing with SMS Tech to see how it works.

This is far quicker and more flexible than say sending a bulk text message using  Microsoft Outlook on your PC. 

I get instant results

One of the huge benefits of SMS marketing is that you can get instant results. You could even text out a lunchtime special in the morning and boost your sales later that same day! Mailing out discount coupons in the post could be a thing of the past.

How many marketing strategies have you used where you got real-time results? Hardly any, I’ll bet! One other great benefit of SMS marketing is you can receive delivery reports. That means you will know when your recipients get your message.

You might be wondering how else you can track the results of each SMS campaign? The simple way to do that is by including a URL link in your messages. You can then track your visitors using software like Google Analytics on your website.

Everyone of your clients now has a mobile phone

Let’s face it, mobile phones are cheap to buy these days. There’s no reason your clients couldn’t afford to have one.


Even better, you don’t have to  worry which phones people have because all mobiles support SMS messaging, even those people without smartphones!

You can schedule SMS campaigns

Last, but not least, you can set the date and time when a new campaign should start. For instance, you could experiment by sending messages in an evening rather than during the day. Or you could select a particular day of the week.

With SMS marketing, you have total control over when your messages are broadcast. Why not try it out in your business?


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