Now this is definitely on my Christmas wish list…

You already know I’m a blogging and social media nut who lives half my life online.

In fact, some days I wonder if I’m starting to pixelate around the edges  smiley


Since I got my Android phone I’m glued to that too. (When I’m not in front of my PC, that is.)

So you might be surprised to hear that we don’t have a single iPad or Android tablet in our house. Mind you, it’s only a matter of time!

Ever since my Mum and Dad got a tablet each I’ve been experiencing tablet envy. I mean it’s not right that my folks are more technologically advanced than me, is it?

So you can imagine why I’m rather tempted by new Sony Xperia™ Tablet S.

Designed to be used in your living room or out and about, here are some of the things you can do with the Xperia™ Tablet:

  • Listen to high quality audio with the ClearAudio+ application
  • See a list of your Facebook friends’ ‘liked’ songs  with the ‘WALKMAN’ application
  • View, sort and share pictures and videos captured with the Xperia™ Tablet and consolidate users’ photos posted on social media sites like Facebook using the ‘Album’ application. (You can also store your photos in the cloud).
  • View, sort and manage all your social networking services and news feeds through one user interface, alongside your friends’ feeds and posts with the ‘Socialife’ application.
  • Enjoy video with high picture and sound quality with the Movies application.
  • View the latest movies, music and photos from a single account through the Sony Entertainment Network
  • Browse content for PlayStation® Mobile, and purchase and read your favourite digital books using the Reader application.
  • Control your home entertainment system e.g. switch on your TV and cable box, select inputs, adjust volume and more.
  • It has a slim aluminium body, splash-proof design – which will protect it from some of what your children will throw at it – and a wide range of accessories including covers, docks and stands.
  • And a built-in universal remote control.
  • Plus cross-device connectivity, network services and it looks good too.
  • And it’s powerful enough to enjoy your media, apps and games with a NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core processor and Android 4.0.3 operating system.


One feature I particularly like is ‘Guest Mode’, which lets you create individual profiles for family members. You can even set wallpaper, icons and apps access to for each person in the house. If your kids are getting older and are ‘borrowing’ your toys technology you’ll appreciate how useful this can be!

So do go take a look at the Xperia™ Tablet website and see what you think. Then please do leave me a comment and let me know which feature you like the best.

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