Every Child Deserves A Good Start in Life

My mummy has asked me to tell you about our fabulous local Sure Start Centres called Pine Cones Children’s Centre and Queens Park Neighbourhood Centre in Bedford. She says she’s worried about budget cuts and if Sure Start Centres start closing down, being stuck in the house with me and my little brother might drive her bonkers.

We don’t know why this is because we’re such adorable children. We only cry when we’re hungry, thirsty, tired, frustrated, bored, a bit fed up, need a cuddle, fall over or steal each other’s toys. Oh and when Mummy won’t let us suck pebbles in the garden.

Anyway, the Sure Start Centres have been brilliant for us. A few months ago I was really nervous and wouldn’t let go of mummy’s leg whenever I was in a room with strangers. But now I happily run around the Sure Start activity sessions and don’t bat an eyelid when little boys roll push-along toys over my toes. I’ve got lots more confidence now.

Each week we go to a Musical Movers group where we sing with lots of other little ones. It’s VERY LOUD. But I’m not scared any more and I sing and dance to the music. In fact I’ve learned lots of my first words from the nursery rhymes we’ve learned there.

That’s not all, at Sure Start we’ve been weighed, spoken to a dietitician about our milk allergies and chatted to an oral health lady about getting our new teeth nice and clean.

We’ve sung with the speech and language therapist too, but last week we found out she’s had to leave because her funding has already gone.

If you want to help keep these and other fantastic Sure Start Centres across the country open, sign the Shout Out for Sure Start Pledge today. It’ll only take you a minute.

You could save a lot of mummies from going bonkers.

Love from

Little Miss Lindop

Age 22 months

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