Are you the type of person who could run a business?

It’s a dream that many people share. We all hope for the day where we have become successful enough to be running our own business. In the past, running your own business meant that you either inherited the job or you worked your way up from the bottom. But now, it’s easy to set up a start-up company and shortly you will be the head of a new business. It doesn’t take a lot at all. A few investments, a couple workers a website and bam! You now own a new company.

But even though it is fairly easy, that doesn’t mean that everyone can do it or even should be able to. A lot of people will find starting their company a difficult venture. You need certain personality traits and at least some skill. Here are what we believe are the key factors you need to be your own boss.

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Quick! My business start-up e-course closes tomorrow

Great news! It’s never been easier to start your own part-time business. The technology available now means that you no longer have to commit to a bricks-and-mortar business, plus there are many cheap or free ways of promoting your business online.

With sky-high childcare costs and mums being exhausted by trying to keep their families and employers happy, starting a part-time business is now a popular option.

And it doesn’t have to stay part-time, there’s no reason why you can’t grow it to a full time business or even take on employees if you want to.

It all sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

The problem is that so many mums really struggle with starting their part-time businesses.


Many plod on for years making little more than pocket money, putting their heart and soul into doing what they love but having very little to show for it. Some end up giving up their business dreams entirely.

So I  decided to do something about this. I created a new e-course and community covers how to come with a business idea that will suit your passions and talents, as well as making sure your idea will actually make you money (that’s right, you can’t just take that for granted!) I’ve included low-cost marketing ideas that work best for small home-grown businesses and advice on how to start up on a tiny budget. Plus there’s a community to support you and encourage you as you take those first steps in starting up your own part-time business.

If that sounds good to you, head over to now because the closing date to sign up is 11.50pm on Wednesday 19th March.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about my approach, you can take section 2 of The Fast Start Up course for free, right now, if you sign up here.

Or you can watch me share my top tips for starting a part-time business in my pajamas below…  🙂

And if you have any questions at all then please feel free to contact me.

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