I Started a Business with a Baby: Julie Davenport of E-Voice Speech Recognition

E-Voice Speech Recognition Limited is a leading provider of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Speech Recognition software), TextHelp Read & Write, and mind mapping software solutions in the workplace, for individuals with literacy difficulties, or for those that require hands-free approach to computing due to RSI (Repetitive StrainĀ  Injury) or other medical conditions. In addition, we provide one-to-one, customised training as part of our solutions, all of which can be purchased with funding by Access to Work along with a wide range or ergonomic mice and keyboards, microphones, and digital recorders. Dragon NaturallySpeaking can also be used for individuals wishing to improve productivity, by speeding up repetitive tasks, replicating keystrokes with voice commands, and enabling the user to dictate three times faster than most people can type.

Prior to E-voice, I worked for a company called The GeoInformation Group as an Aerial Photography Data Specialist. I worked with the company for over 13 years starting in an administrative role and then went on to work within the production team to produce high-resolution digital aerial photography including some of the imagery you see on Google. Continue reading “I Started a Business with a Baby: Julie Davenport of E-Voice Speech Recognition”

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