Gro Clock: Stop your toddler waking up too early

Is your toddler waking up too early? If so, the Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer could give you the precious extra sleep you’re craving!

It can be really tough on you as a parent when your toddler wakes up at 5 o’clock every morning. (Or even earlier!) Early starts make you tired, irritable and it can be hard to concentrate on work during the long day ahead. Even just an extra half-hour of sleep in the morning can make a difference if you’re a shattered parent.

The problem is that toddlers are too young to read clocks, so they can’t tell that it’s too early to get up. Enter the Gro Clock…

The Gro Clock has a glowing screen that displays stars or a sun to show the difference between sleep and wake-up time. The small stars go out one-by-one during the night to show time passing by. The changing images encourage children to stay in bed longer as they learn to stay in bed until they see the sun. If you’re lucky enough for your toddler to still be asleep when the sun appears, they won’t be woken because the clock is silent.

The screen brightness is adjustable, meaning it works like a nightlight during the hours when your child is asleep. The Gro Clock also has an optional digital clock and audible alarm, so you can use it as a normal clock as your child grows up. You can also choose to show the digital clock together with the sun or stars, which can help children to learn how to tell time once they are ready.  So for older children, they can now start to learn digital time, as well as look for the arrival of the sun.

If you’ve ever felt guilty telling your child to go back to bed because it’s too early, the Gro Clock can help you there, too. Asking your child to “watch for the sun” is far more positive and some kids actually get quite excited about it! Before too long, it all becomes part of the child’s routine and s/he should sleep through until the sun arrives.

And if you think it might be a tad unrealistic to expect your early-riser to sleep all the way through until 7am, don’t worry. You can take it steadily and make the sun come up ten minutes later every day.

The Gro-Clock comes with a story book about a very tired pig which helps to reinforce how important a good night’s sleep really is.  It’s mains powered (adapter included) and suitable from age 2 years upwards. Price £24.00 on

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