Five minutes with Venita Dada Anthonij of SheNovate

Today I’m delighted to bring you an interview with Venita Dad Anthonij who has just launched SheNovate, a new way for women in business to network. I first (virtually) met Venita last year when she launched MUMbitions, so I was keen to catch up with her and find out more about SheNovate…

Hi Venita, welcome to Business Plus Baby! Can you tell us a little about SheNovate?

SheNovate is an online international networking platform for, and in support of, ambitious and innovative business women.Based on the four pillars: meet, share, connect and discuss, I am hoping that like-minded business women will meet, support and collaborate with each other in order to reach business success.

The site offers networking tools, a magazine, business directory, TV (videos) and online resources that are all aimed at supporting women in business as well as a platform to promote themselves and their business.
Throughout the year I am planning to roll out some of the plans I have for SheNovate. Being a woman and business mum, I have learnt what I want and need to support both myself (personally) and my business, and I have created my plans around some of those wants and needs.

Part of that is reflected in SheNovate as it is now, but there is lots more that is yet to come.

I joined your community, Mumbitions, last year. How does Mumbitions fit in with SheNovate?

Mumpreneurs will find their own networking group on the platform, the MUMbitions group. There are also different sections on the website that are aimed at mumpreneurs.

The reason for the change is that although I feel quite positive about the word ‘mumpreneur’, last year it became clear that some of the women who combine the roles of mum and business owner don’t like to be labelled under that category.

At the same time, it’s undeniably true that running a business and being a mum does require specific skills and support. I don’t want to alienate anyone, and that is exactly why I launched SheNovate with MUMbitions as a group.

I hope that any woman who runs her own business, whether mumpreneur or not, will find the support they are looking for at SheNovate.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself please?

I am Dutch, married to Richard (who has his own web design and software development business), and mum to 2.5 children:

– Nathan (6 going on 16)
– Lauren (in her terrible 2s)
– and our “little belly-camper” (due in April).
I have a degree in International Business and Management, but my main passion – study and in business – revolves around marketing.
My career has primarily been on the sales floor and training departments of a.o. Monster Worldwide. Just before we moved to the UK a couple of years ago, I got an incredible job-offer in Holland to start up and manage an entirely new sales department for a great company in Holland. But Richard had already accepted an opportunity here in the UK. So, although I decided to turn down the offer, I decided to set up my own business here instead as I have always had the “dream” of starting something up for myself. Initially I helped Richard in setting up his company, and then moved on to my own. Several “adventures” – which have taught me a lot about business and myself – have led to where I am now, SheNovate.

How would you like to see your business develop in the future?

My hopes for SheNovate are that it will allow me (and a team of women) to help other women in starting up and running their own successful business.

Through the ideas and plans that I have, I hope SheNovate will be seen as a fun, supportive and innovative platform where everybody feels welcome to join and share in their journey to business success.

What’s your advice for mums running businesses, or those who are thinking of starting?

Be well prepared. Do what you love, because when you are passionate about your business it will show and it  will get you through the tougher parts of running your own business.

Don’t be demotivated by people who are not supportive, but rather get the energy to follow your dreams from the people who are.

Last but certainly not least….don’t ever give up on your dreams. Your journey to success might not be straightforward, but the destination is always waiting at the end.

Where can we find out more?

You can find SheNovate and the MUMbitions Group on

Twitter:  @SheNovate and @MUMbitions
If anybody wants to contact me, they can do so on:
+44(0)20 88191602
Facebook: VenitaDAnthonij
Thank you Venita!

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