How to be a stay at home mum

OK, so if this is a blog about having young children and a business, why would I be telling you about how to be a stay at home mum?

The media would have you believe that it’s a straight choice between being a working mum on the one hand and a stay at home on the other. But I know that real life isn’t so black-and-white.

Often mums with businesses start up very slowly. After all, if we want to spend time with our kids we’re probably not going to rush into a full-time business. So even though you have a fledgling business, you may find you’re basically a stay-at-home mum for most of your day.

While that may sound like the perfect work-life balance, it’s not without its challenges! I know, I’ve done it. The change in rhythm from a full-time career to being at home with small children takes some adjusting to. And that’s just the beginning.

That’s where I think this new e-book ‘How to be a stay at home mum‘, could be really helpful. Continue reading “How to be a stay at home mum”

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